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20 Jan 2016

Hobby Update: My Flesh is Weak

Damn. So… Umm…. Iron Warriors are gone… They were wiped out but the sudden appearance of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Iron Hands. That’s right. I have officially defected to the Imperium. And with that, all of the Iron Warriors tanks and models I painted, have now been absorbed by the Iron Hands chapter. I should have done this a LONG time ago… So, for starters, I ordered some 32mm Tech Deck bases from Jeff over at Dragonforge Design. Since […]

27 Nov 2013

The Greater Good 11.27.2013

Made some more progress on my Tau army. I started painting my Tau Piranha. The first one has been basecoated and had some decals applied. I need to finish up the pilots and detail work, as well as apply some weathering. So far I am really digging this scheme. With the Thanksgiving holiday upcoming, I plan to spend some time in the workshop knocking out some more of this army. My plan is to complete a second and third Piranha […]

29 Oct 2013

IN PROGRESS: Baroness Boeingsly and Her Sky Bitches!

I am taking a short break from the Minotaurs to finish up another labor of love. This time, it’s the Baroness and her girls! This deadly flying force is the basic fast force where almost everything is mounted. What makes this army so special to me is that it is entirely made up of female models from the Dark Eldar line. The only male models are in cockpits… get it… Yeah, only the pilots are male. I have a couple […]

07 Jun 2012

PACKAGE: Iron Warriors Reinforcements

Today I picked up a package from the post office. It was a long awaited package full of resin, Forgeworld goodness! I have been working incredibly hard on knocking off my Iron Warriors. I am building an army that I can play either as Codex Space Marines or Codex Chaos Space Marines. For this reason, I invested in some basic troops armor that can be used for either codex instead of using the standard Chaos armor. Of course, I have […]