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08 Aug 2016

Gimme Hornets Any Day

Hello hobby nerds and plamo junkies! Been a long time, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been hobbying. I HAVE been working on fewer projects lately as my photography hobby is turning into more than just a hobby. In addition to a little hobbying her and there, I have been playing some games on the weekends and torturing friends with my Craftworlds army. Sounds more like Dark Eldar, but that’s a story for another day… The Mancave Realization So recently […]

07 Jun 2012

PACKAGE: Iron Warriors Reinforcements

Today I picked up a package from the post office. It was a long awaited package full of resin, Forgeworld goodness! I have been working incredibly hard on knocking off my Iron Warriors. I am building an army that I can play either as Codex Space Marines or Codex Chaos Space Marines. For this reason, I invested in some basic troops armor that can be used for either codex instead of using the standard Chaos armor. Of course, I have […]

30 May 2012

IN PROGRESS: Forgeworld Ironclad Dreadnought

For the passed couple of days I have been working on 2 of 3 Forgeworld Ironclad Dreadnoughts for my Iron Warriors Siege army. They have been sitting around in various stages of completion. But seeming as how I would like to actually play a game, I figured I should invest some time and get to finishing them off. They are a beautiful model – when cast properly. These two needed some work. Being that they are game pieces and not […]