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07 Oct 2013

Studio Update: 10.07.13

Convergence is on its way. I got some stuff knocked out over the weekend, but there’s still so much to do. I got the base done for Cipher and most of the basecoating. I’ll throw down paint on the legs and try to get the lower torso completed before the end of the week.

30 Sep 2013

The Path of the Minotaurs – 09.30.13

Happy Monday! I’m sitting at work thinking about the weekend I had. It was a good time to be had – in a big, giant, nerdy way… Saturday I spent the day with some awesome friends at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. The weather was gorgeous — as was the scenery 😉 Sunday was my daughter’s birthday, so the wife and I had a little get-together for the little one. However, after most of the guests left, I got to work… […]

27 Sep 2013

The Path of the Minotaurs – 09.27.13

Over the past week I have been rummaging through my Iron Warriors collection and salvaging what I can to make the Minotaurs chapter game-ready. Funny that I found myself doing that because — well, that’s what Minotaurs do… I read somewhere that they claim whatever they want from a destroyed enemy to replenish themselves. Freakin’ awesome! I am more minotaur than I thought… I found quite a bit that I can use. 2 Contemptor Dreadnoughts, 4 Ironclad Dreadnoughts, 40+ MkIII […]

23 Sep 2013

Studio Update: 09.23.13

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted. I took a brief hiatus to clear my head and get over some of the hobby hurdles I placed in front of myself. I now approach the hobby/games with a clear mind and sense of adventure. So let the journey begin! Warhammer 40K While I have been busy, I haven’t been busy enough! I still have a shitton of work that needs to be done on ALL of my armies before they […]

01 Aug 2013

Dark Eldar Sky B*tches!

Last week, I got the opportunity to break out an oldie but goodie. Some friends wanted to play some 40K outside of our current campaign. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to play Necrons. Don’t like them very much any more. Tau is on the painting table — digital camo takes forever… Iron Warriors are not based. The only army I had available was The Baroness and her Sky Bitches. So I packed up a few Venoms, a Razorwing, a couple of Trueborn […]

24 Jun 2013

Necron Novokh Dynasty

So I just went for it! I happened to be thumbing through the Necron codex a week or so ago trying to prepare myself for an upcoming campaign. It must have been late or something because I stopped on the gallery pic of the Novokh Dynasty models and figured that I should paint my army to look just like that. Why? I usually don’t prefer red models… But then I thought, “self, all of your current armies are silver or […]