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27 Nov 2013

The Greater Good 11.27.2013

Made some more progress on my Tau army. I started painting my Tau Piranha. The first one has been basecoated and had some decals applied. I need to finish up the pilots and detail work, as well as apply some weathering. So far I am really digging this scheme. With the Thanksgiving holiday upcoming, I plan to spend some time in the workshop knocking out some more of this army. My plan is to complete a second and third Piranha […]

25 Nov 2013

The Greater Good 11.25.2013

Remember how excited I was when I did this? Well, it’s nowhere near as excited as I am to do this: You see. I have this Riptide that has an amazing digital camo scheme on it, and I really wanted to match the rest of the army to that. The Riptide is my centerpiece. So I thought really long and hard on how to make that scheme work across the rest of the army. I think I found it. I […]

19 Nov 2013

IN PROGRESS: 11.19.2013

After a lot of thought and a LOT of test models, I thought I had finally settled on my final paint scheme for my Tau army. I have thought of it time and time again and said to myself, “no, it’s too close to the original Tau colors.” While there’s nothing wrong with the Tau orange, I wanted something a bit richer. So, I danced around the colors — even trying out a digital camo scheme. Nothing made me happy. […]

05 Nov 2013

IN PROGRESS: Convergence of Cyriss Axis the Harmonic Enforcer

Up on deck is the newest Convergence of Cyriss warcaster, Axis the Harmonic Enforcer. One of 3 of my most anticipated warcasters, I was eager to get him built, painted and fielded! I ordered him online, as my local retailers do not have much Convergence stuff in stock. Anticipating the Convergence release, I ordered bases from Dragonforge Miniatures long before the faction was released. It was good timing because the bases were received around the same time the first models […]

04 Nov 2013

Studio Update: 11.04.13

Wow, I can’t believe it’s November already! This year has flown by and I must say that I am quite proud of myself. I made a resolution at the beginning of the year to play more than I hobby, and I believe I am on pace to do just that — but just barely… I am winding down on the Dark Eldar labor of love army and I am going to ride those chicks into the new year! I took […]

29 Oct 2013

IN PROGRESS: Baroness Boeingsly and Her Sky Bitches!

I am taking a short break from the Minotaurs to finish up another labor of love. This time, it’s the Baroness and her girls! This deadly flying force is the basic fast force where almost everything is mounted. What makes this army so special to me is that it is entirely made up of female models from the Dark Eldar line. The only male models are in cockpits… get it… Yeah, only the pilots are male. I have a couple […]