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20 Jan 2016

Hobby Update: Craftworlds Everywhere

I recently got a shot in the arm and some fire under my ass to actually FINISH an army. I have been playing armies not completely assembled forever. Models being held together by some Blue Tac because I need to paint “this” section before I can paint “that” section and then wash “this” and highlight “that” then matte varnish “this” and gloss varnish “that” before I can base and go through final assembly. Needless to say, playing like that for […]

12 Sep 2014

Iron Within

While watching the disappointing performance of the Pittsburgh Steelers last night, I took some couch time to knock out some work on one of three Iron Warriors Rhinos. I decided to stipple the vehicle with 3 different shades of silver. The whole purpose was to give the tank a textured, gritty feel. Black was used for most access points, and the gold was used on just the front door. There will be no other embellishments on my tanks. No skull […]

08 Sep 2014

Iron Within

The siege masters are at it again. The Iron Warriors were summoned in order to crack an Imperial stronghold. In preparation for the campaign, the Iron forces are assembling their numbers for the upcoming annihilation!

22 Jul 2014

Shas’o Touches Down

I finally got her! I FINALLY got her! And I got her cheap… I got really fortunate and found a metal Commander Shadowsun model on ebay this past week. She just arrived in the post and I couldn’t be happier. This is a used model, so there is a considerable amount of cleanup work that I am going to need to do. The metal hasn’t been clipped of flashing or anything, so I am going to take the Dremel to […]

05 Jun 2014

Tau Hammerhead

My wife and daughter are out of the country for a while, so it gives me an opportunity to seriously make a dent in my Tau army. I have set aside a schedule for the next week of the things I want to get completed. On the list is “completing my drone bases and sniper drone teams,” “completing 12 Stealth suits,” and “basecoating 2 Hammerheads and a Sky Ray.” That’s for this week. I have done more on this Hammerhead […]

02 Jun 2014

Tau Crisis Suit XV-8 Conversion

I HATE the GW Crisis Suit models. I HATE the GW Crisis Suit models. I HATE the GW Crisis Suit models. Did I mention I HATE the GW Crisis Suit models? I love the Fire Warriors. I think they are the best looking troop model in all of 40K (except for the female Dark Eldar Warriors). I REALLY like most of the other Tau Empire models. I am not a fan of the Kroot race, but — hey — call […]