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30 May 2012

Life of a Dice Snob

Ok. So I admit it. I am a dice snob. There. I said it… Every army I build must be accompanied by a color coordinated acrylic cube… I have red dice and blue dice. Marble dice and clear dice. 16mm dice and 12 mm dice. And because I have consolidated my armies, I have more dice than I have armies… I have found a new dice obsession. I was down at the local Games Workshop when I spotted a beautiful […]

24 May 2012

HORDES: Legion of Everblight Plastic Wargroup

I really have no Games Workshop hate. Really. I like Games Workshop games. I have TONS of dollars and hours invested in Games Workshop products from Fantasy to 40K and even War of the Rings. However, with price increases and quality issues — especially with Finecast figures — I am finding solace in another system. Some buddies of mine decided to start a Journeyman League from Privateer Press. So I looked at the armies around me an I chose Khador […]