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23 Nov 2016

Reinforcements Have Arrived. Blessed Infinity

Happy Thanksgiving! The year’s end is almost upon us and I am starting to line up my winter projects to keep me warm and fuzzy. My friends got me on this MAJOR Infinity kick and it’s pretty much been Nomads 24-7. After acquiring a ton of models from a friend switching factions, I pretty much have every Nomads miniature in the Corvus Belli line. I have a few models still in the figure line to get, and a recent post […]

16 Nov 2016

WIP: Infinity Nomads Mobile Brigada

Hey all! I am just showing off a  little work I completed. I have caught the Infinity bug something awful, and I am rushing home from work every night to lock myself away in my workroom to gather the forces. Last night I cracked open the Operation: IceStorm box set and got to clipping and cleaning, Dremel-ing and scrubbing. Then I loaded up the airbrush and put a little paint to pewter. The model I started with was the Mobile […]

14 Nov 2016

To Infinity And Beyond

It’s been a while since I have visited the Human Sphere. The playgroup (myself and 1 friend) disbanded, leaving the MDF terrain world packed up an a plastic crate to sit for almost 2 years… New inhabitants have come to explore the game and I am ALL IN! 40K is starting to wear a bit thin on me. I am having issues with playing consistency. And with all of the constant rules changes, players are on all different levels and […]

08 Aug 2016

Gimme Hornets Any Day

Hello hobby nerds and plamo junkies! Been a long time, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been hobbying. I HAVE been working on fewer projects lately as my photography hobby is turning into more than just a hobby. In addition to a little hobbying her and there, I have been playing some games on the weekends and torturing friends with my Craftworlds army. Sounds more like Dark Eldar, but that’s a story for another day… The Mancave Realization So recently […]

02 Feb 2016

Craftworlds Coming At You

Being snowed in sucks! HOWEVER… If you have a basement full of shit that needs to be assembled and painted, snowstorms rock! I pushed my airbrush to the max and the temperature in the garage cooperated long enough for me to finish these babies! With the warm weather that hit right after the storm, I was able to head to a friend’s home and get in a couple of 1850 point games. I even got the rare opportunity to team […]

20 Jan 2016

Hobby Update: My Flesh is Weak

Damn. So… Umm…. Iron Warriors are gone… They were wiped out but the sudden appearance of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Iron Hands. That’s right. I have officially defected to the Imperium. And with that, all of the Iron Warriors tanks and models I painted, have now been absorbed by the Iron Hands chapter. I should have done this a LONG time ago… So, for starters, I ordered some 32mm Tech Deck bases from Jeff over at Dragonforge Design. Since […]