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10 Nov 2017

The Warlock’s Weekend

TGIF! The weekend is here and the arctic air is pushing into the Washington, DC area. LOVING IT! Since going out into the woods to shoot some photos with some modeling friends of mine may be out of the question, I am going to stay inside with some model friends of mine… Namely Ahriman and some of the fellow Thousand Sons Exalted Sorcerers. I have a bit more work to go on Ahriman, including his Disk of Tzeentch. I also […]

20 Jan 2016

Hobby Update: My Flesh is Weak

Damn. So… Umm…. Iron Warriors are gone… They were wiped out but the sudden appearance of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Iron Hands. That’s right. I have officially defected to the Imperium. And with that, all of the Iron Warriors tanks and models I painted, have now been absorbed by the Iron Hands chapter. I should have done this a LONG time ago… So, for starters, I ordered some 32mm Tech Deck bases from Jeff over at Dragonforge Design. Since […]

20 Jan 2016

Hobby Update: Craftworlds Everywhere

I recently got a shot in the arm and some fire under my ass to actually FINISH an army. I have been playing armies not completely assembled forever. Models being held together by some Blue Tac because I need to paint “this” section before I can paint “that” section and then wash “this” and highlight “that” then matte varnish “this” and gloss varnish “that” before I can base and go through final assembly. Needless to say, playing like that for […]

08 Sep 2014

Iron Within

The siege masters are at it again. The Iron Warriors were summoned in order to crack an Imperial stronghold. In preparation for the campaign, the Iron forces are assembling their numbers for the upcoming annihilation!

22 Jul 2014

Shas’o Touches Down

I finally got her! I FINALLY got her! And I got her cheap… I got really fortunate and found a metal Commander Shadowsun model on ebay this past week. She just arrived in the post and I couldn’t be happier. This is a used model, so there is a considerable amount of cleanup work that I am going to need to do. The metal hasn’t been clipped of flashing or anything, so I am going to take the Dremel to […]

09 Apr 2014

Toybox Update: 2014.04.09

He’s here! Magos Dominus from the Adeptus Mechanicum has orbital dropped in to my collection. When I first found Warhammer 40K and the Horus Heresy novels about 9 years ago, the one army I said I wanted to build above all others was the Adeptus Mechanicum. I have built countless models and armies since then, and now that AdMech models are a reality, I have put most of the current projects on the back burner, or looking to consolidate to […]