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09 Nov 2017

Necromunda is Coming

Welcome to the Underhive. I did not play the previous version of Necromunda, but I am looking forward to getting into this sci-fi skirmisher from Games Workshop. I think I have decided on the Escher Gang as my intro gang and I can’t wait to dive into the underworld to fight for Underhive supremacy! Pre-Orders begin November 11th on the Games Workshop website.

08 Nov 2017

Hordes Trollblood Northkin Force Box

It’s been a while since I played Hordes and Warmachine. I started a few year ago when the Khador Starter box set came out and played in a local Journeyman League for a few weeks. Then Convergence of Cyriss came out and I was all in. I bought every model available up through Aurora and the Clockwork Angels. Then I kinda fell off… I managed to assemble and play an Everblight force for a brief period, but I sold that […]

08 Nov 2017


After making a deal with Dark Fox, Yan Ji obtained the ability of Dark Fire, and she ruled YEAN with NEI Long after they became imperial kinsman and kinswomen. No one can survive from the hunting of Dark Fox, the spirits of human beings are his delicious dishes, and YEAN was gradually close to extinction due to their dominion. Dark Fox, a 22cm tall resin and metal 1/7th scale figure by PKKing is an amazing fantasy sculpture from The Balance […]