Category : Hobby Tools

08 Nov 2017

Putty To The Rescue

I was perusing the Creative section of Twitch a couple of days ago and my mind was blown! One of the streamers was building a Magnus the Red model. I too have a Magnus the Red model in the works, but I was held up due to the unsightly gaps that are in some of the body sections—namely in and around the arms. A local hobby shop suggested Tamiya Putty White to me a couple of years ago and I […]

16 Oct 2012
Iwata HP-C+ replacement nozzle.

Throwin’ Money Away…

I just received my replacement nozzle for my airbrush. While I am overjoyed that I can get my airbrush back up and running, this piece was painfully expensive! $30-45 is what a replacement nozzle for an Iwata HP-C+ airbrush costs and this thing is smaller than the staple that holds the bag the nozzle is in… Geez! Lesson learned. Take care of your airbrush. My needle needs to be replaced too, so I should get that from Dick Blick soon. […]

04 Oct 2012

R.I.P. Iwata HP-C+

A couple of nights ago, I broke my airbrush. I over screwed the nozzle and the threads broke off inside the body. Probably not very difficult to fix, but I learned a valuable lesson in the hobby. Although my first airbrush, I admit I have been a bit tough on it. I don’t think I gave it a proper cleaning. I mean, I’d take it apart after every spray session and rinse it with water, but I didn’t get the […]