Category : Tabletop Wargames

09 Nov 2017

Necromunda is Coming

Welcome to the Underhive. I did not play the previous version of Necromunda, but I am looking forward to getting into this sci-fi skirmisher from Games Workshop. I think I have decided on the Escher Gang as my intro gang and I can’t wait to dive into the underworld to fight for Underhive supremacy! Pre-Orders begin November 11th on the Games Workshop website.

08 Nov 2017

Hordes Trollblood Northkin Force Box

It’s been a while since I played Hordes and Warmachine. I started a few year ago when the Khador Starter box set came out and played in a local Journeyman League for a few weeks. Then Convergence of Cyriss came out and I was all in. I bought every model available up through Aurora and the Clockwork Angels. Then I kinda fell off… I managed to assemble and play an Everblight force for a brief period, but I sold that […]

08 Nov 2017

FOCUS! The Birdmen Cometh…

Wow this year has flown by! …and I feel like I got very little accomplished. So many cool releases, new miniatures-based board games, new TCG/CCG games, new codexes, and even more miniatures-based board games. I kinda lost track somewhere around March… But, I’m back on my hobby shit and encouraged to keep this boat afloat. I missed hobbying and documenting my growth quite a bit. I suffered a bit of burnout and wasn’t sure WHY I kept track of my […]

08 Nov 2017

To Infinity And Beyond

Holy shit! It’s been almost a year since I touched my Infinity Nomads! I went through a period where that was all I played, but the group I played with kind or up and relocated and I haven’t kept in touch. Another partially finished army… …And I even bought the Battlefoam Infinity Alpha bag with custom trays! Yeah… It’s still in the box… But with my hobby resurgence and energy to put into my unfinished projects, I am as inspired […]

23 Nov 2016

Reinforcements Have Arrived. Blessed Infinity

Happy Thanksgiving! The year’s end is almost upon us and I am starting to line up my winter projects to keep me warm and fuzzy. My friends got me on this MAJOR Infinity kick and it’s pretty much been Nomads 24-7. After acquiring a ton of models from a friend switching factions, I pretty much have every Nomads miniature in the Corvus Belli line. I have a few models still in the figure line to get, and a recent post […]

16 Nov 2016

WIP: Infinity Nomads Mobile Brigada

Hey all! I am just showing off a  little work I completed. I have caught the Infinity bug something awful, and I am rushing home from work every night to lock myself away in my workroom to gather the forces. Last night I cracked open the Operation: IceStorm box set and got to clipping and cleaning, Dremel-ing and scrubbing. Then I loaded up the airbrush and put a little paint to pewter. The model I started with was the Mobile […]