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08 Nov 2017


After making a deal with Dark Fox, Yan Ji obtained the ability of Dark Fire, and she ruled YEAN with NEI Long after they became imperial kinsman and kinswomen. No one can survive from the hunting of Dark Fox, the spirits of human beings are his delicious dishes, and YEAN was gradually close to extinction due to their dominion. Dark Fox, a 22cm tall resin and metal 1/7th scale figure by PKKing is an amazing fantasy sculpture from The Balance […]

23 Nov 2016

Reinforcements Have Arrived. Blessed Infinity

Happy Thanksgiving! The year’s end is almost upon us and I am starting to line up my winter projects to keep me warm and fuzzy. My friends got me on this MAJOR Infinity kick and it’s pretty much been Nomads 24-7. After acquiring a ton of models from a friend switching factions, I pretty much have every Nomads miniature in the Corvus Belli line. I have a few models still in the figure line to get, and a recent post […]

16 Nov 2016

WIP: Infinity Nomads Mobile Brigada

Hey all! I am just showing off a  little work I completed. I have caught the Infinity bug something awful, and I am rushing home from work every night to lock myself away in my workroom to gather the forces. Last night I cracked open the Operation: IceStorm box set and got to clipping and cleaning, Dremel-ing and scrubbing. Then I loaded up the airbrush and put a little paint to pewter. The model I started with was the Mobile […]

02 Jun 2014

Tau Crisis Suit XV-8 Conversion

I HATE the GW Crisis Suit models. I HATE the GW Crisis Suit models. I HATE the GW Crisis Suit models. Did I mention I HATE the GW Crisis Suit models? I love the Fire Warriors. I think they are the best looking troop model in all of 40K (except for the female Dark Eldar Warriors). I REALLY like most of the other Tau Empire models. I am not a fan of the Kroot race, but — hey — call […]

30 Jul 2012

Gunpla Builders World Cup

OH, MAN! This is right up my alley. I recently found out about the International Gunpla Builders World Cup competition. Gunpla builders from 22 different countries assemble, paint and mount Gundam kits and create stunning masterpieces of Gunpla goodness and compete for all kinds of prizes. Unfortunately I missed the recent Otakon regional entry competition. The last opportunity for the year is the New York Comic Con. I need to come up with a concept, kitbash the hell outta my […]

14 Jun 2012

OTAKON COUNTDOWN: Bring on the Gundams!

I know this blog is getting very wargaming heavy, so I figured I’d switch it up a bit and talk about my love for robots and girls with big — *cough* guns… With Otakon only a month away, I have begun my annual list of most wanted Gundam kits. On top of the list are the PG Astray Red Frame and the iconic PG RX 78-2. I already own an MG Astray Red Frame, but I happened to see the […]