The Warlock’s Weekend

TGIF! The weekend is here and the arctic air is pushing into the Washington, DC area. LOVING IT!

Since going out into the woods to shoot some photos with some modeling friends of mine may be out of the question, I am going to stay inside with some model friends of mine…

Namely Ahriman and some of the fellow Thousand Sons Exalted Sorcerers. I have a bit more work to go on Ahriman, including his Disk of Tzeentch. I also cracked open a couple of boxes of Exalted Sorcerers, and they need some attention.

Thousand Sons will be the order of the weekend, with Craftworlds getting a little love as I hope to finish up a Vyper that I am trying to resuscitate.

Grymkin are in the conversation for the weekend. I want to spend a bit of time reviewing the new Hordes game rules to decide which Warlock I wanna go with. I am seriously considering The Child. The model is amazing and the entire army looks like something that needs to be in my display case (as well as terrorizing opponents on the tabletop…).

I won’t try to overdo it this weekend. A few projects and I should feel accomplished. I am looking forward to my weekend D&D session as well as possibly catching up with some friends in some Diablo III.

What projects are you working on this weekend? 

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