Putty To The Rescue

I was perusing the Creative section of Twitch a couple of days ago and my mind was blown!

One of the streamers was building a Magnus the Red model. I too have a Magnus the Red model in the works, but I was held up due to the unsightly gaps that are in some of the body sections—namely in and around the arms.

A local hobby shop suggested Tamiya Putty White to me a couple of years ago and I had a bad experience with that product. I generally like Tamiya products, but this particular product just didn’t work for me very well. It dried in the tube after a short while (yes, the top was secured) and the tube developed a hole.

I tried baking soda and super glue, which worked well, for the most part. But I needed to find something that was more targeted. I kinda like Citadel’s Liquid Green Stuff, but I don’t like how rubbery it is when it dries. I wanted something that was paintbrush applicable, like Liquid Green Stuff, but dried solid like the Tamiya White or the super glue and baking soda.

The guy was using Vallejo’s Plastic Putty and I was screaming eureka at my television for 20 minutes…

Firstly, he was using a paintbrush—check.

Secondly, he said you need to move quickly because it dries solid as a rock—check.

But the kicker was that he was able to use water to get rid of the excess around the sides of the gap and what was left was an amazingly tidy gap-fill job!

I almost had an orgasm on-sight…

This is the product I was looking for! My local hobby shop doesn’t carry many Vallejo products, so I had no idea this stuff existed! It comes in both a squeeze tube and a dropper bottle. I will order both and give a little demonstration once I get a chance to test them out.

Stay tuned!

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