Hordes Trollblood Northkin Force Box

It’s been a while since I played Hordes and Warmachine.

I started a few year ago when the Khador Starter box set came out and played in a local Journeyman League for a few weeks.

Then Convergence of Cyriss came out and I was all in. I bought every model available up through Aurora and the Clockwork Angels.

Then I kinda fell off… I managed to assemble and play an Everblight force for a brief period, but I sold that to a friend a bit later.

I think I jumped ship because some friends had gotten back into Warhammer Fantasy and I followed.

Thinking back to the Journeyman League, I remember a player having a Trollbloods army. Other than Circle of Oboros, Trollbloods was an army I really wanted to play. Their models were very well sculpted and had tons of detail and personality.

The urge to jump onto Trollbloods has resurfaced from time to time.

But today I saw that Privateer Press is offering a new boxed set.

From a Land of Ice and Snow…

Out of the blizzards of the frozen north march the Northkin, a mighty alliance of resolute trollkin warriors. The Northkin rush to battle with axes in hand, the blood of trolls in their veins, and frost-rimed winter trolls at their side, and any who face them must confront the fury of the winter storm. Northkin shamans command the bone-chilling power of their homelands, and their warbeasts freeze the enemy in place before shattering them with their weapons.

Take command of these barbaric warriors with this box, which puts a full warband of Northkin in your hands ready to support your warlock’s battlegroup. Crush the enemy and drink deep in victory!

• 8-page Northkin primer
• Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes unit (4)
• Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears unit (3)
• Northkin Fire Eaters unit (3)
• Northkin Elder Command Attachment
• Trollkin Whelps
• Trollkin Runebearer solo
• Valka Curseborn, Chieftain of the North solo

Combine this box with the Trollbloods battlegroup box to build a complete 35-point army.

Although not included in this boxed set, the Northkin Shaman was the model that piqued my interest and made me take a trip over to the Privateer Press website. Then I saw the Northkin Elder and Valka Curseborn! Looks like both the Northkin Elder and Valka Curseborn are included in the Northkin Box set.

YUP! I think my Christmas list is getting a bit longer!

Do you play Warmachine or Hordes? What faction do you play?

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