Reinforcements Have Arrived. Blessed Infinity

Happy Thanksgiving! The year’s end is almost upon us and I am starting to line up my winter projects to keep me warm and fuzzy.


My Thanksgiving 2016 Holiday Hobby Score

My friends got me on this MAJOR Infinity kick and it’s pretty much been Nomads 24-7.

After acquiring a ton of models from a friend switching factions, I pretty much have every Nomads miniature in the Corvus Belli line. I have a few models still in the figure line to get, and a recent post delivery shrinks that list.

I am a HUGE fan of remotes and the Nomads remotes are some of my absolute favorites! I acquired a Lunokhod Sputnik from my friend’s collection, but just for good measure, I picked up a second. (Actually, I ordered this before I acquired his models..). And it’s a good thing, because I didn’t necessarily like the paint job I did on the first… A little too pink for my liking… So I’ll use that one as a test model and I’ll paint this one once I have it all together.

In addition to the remote, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Reverend models. They are so hot! And I now have a new trio to add to the Operation: IceStorm exclusive Reverend Healer.


The entire Nomads army will sit very pretty on the newly acquired Antenocitis Workshop Lazareto bases! I am such a fan of the metal grating flooring. Looks very industrial and ship hull-ish. I plan to paint them very similar to the stock photos–the light color—to make the Nomads models really pop. And to complete the look, I’ll add the compass bars to show sight direction.

I am REALLY anticipating finishing this army and getting them on the table as quickly as possible. I will be with airbrush in hand for most of the long weekend, and I couldn’t be happier.

As a slight change-of-pace, I may work on some Space Marines. I have had this paint scheme in my head or ages and just wanna get it onto models. Stay tuned for work in progress photos of those!

tech-corpsFinally, I know I have put Aleph aside for the time being while I work on Nomads, but I would eventually like to get back to them. Sitting in wait would be some amazing Death Ray Designs Tech Corps bases. I just got these in today and I am in complete awe! They are EXACTLY what I wanted. Acrylic bases with circuit board graphics etched into them. Wow! Loved them on the site, but so stoked to actually have them in-hand.

Ajax is going to look like an even more amazing beast and the new Garuda Tactbots will really stand out! I feel like Xmas has hit me already! Very giddy.

I need to find some new supplies. I need some micro brushes to handle eyes on the Infinity models as well as super minute details. I also need to add some washes to my collection as I plan to work on wet-blending and glazing these infinity models.

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