WIP: Infinity Nomads Mobile Brigada

Hey all! I am just showing off a  little work I completed.

I have caught the Infinity bug something awful, and I am rushing home from work every night to lock myself away in my workroom to gather the forces.

Last night I cracked open the Operation: IceStorm box set and got to clipping and cleaning, Dremel-ing and scrubbing. Then I loaded up the airbrush and put a little paint to pewter.

The model I started with was the Mobile Brigada model. I mean—how could I not…? One of my faves from the Nomads. I can’t lie. I like the majority of the models. The Nomads aesthetic is what drew me to them.


I still have some work to do, but I am all in! I should have 2 Taskmasters delivered to me later today and I primed the special IceStorm box set Reverend Healer before I left the house this morning. I also cleaned and clipped the Grenzer. I’ll get him primed this evening if everything goes according to plan.

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