To Infinity And Beyond

It’s been a while since I have visited the Human Sphere. The playgroup (myself and 1 friend) disbanded, leaving the MDF terrain world packed up an a plastic crate to sit for almost 2 years…

New inhabitants have come to explore the game and I am ALL IN! 40K is starting to wear a bit thin on me. I am having issues with playing consistency. And with all of the constant rules changes, players are on all different levels and the flow of the game never picks up. So I am riding the Corvus Belli bandwagon again. I never jumped off, but I have just been along for the ride, and I would now like to become more active.

I already have a small Aleph force. I never finished assembling and painting, but the motivation has returned. Back when I started playing I really wanted to play Nomads, but my friend was playing Nomads, and I have this weird thing about overlapping armies in small playgroups. So I stuck with Aleph. This new group, there is a Nomads player, but the group is large enough to not bother me. And I have Aleph as a backup.

A friend ordered the Operation: IceStorm boxed set and lent it out to me to paint. I have yet to finish painting them, but I let him know I was going to borrow the Nomads portion until I can get my own models. In addition to this 7 models from the boxed set, I added 2 of the new Taskmasters beasts. I LOVE these models! What drew me to Nomads in the first place were the Lunokhod, Sputniks, Zonds and Geckos. I ordered a Lunokhod and a couple of the amazing Custodiers. Those models are so sweet. Lastly, I picked up a Reverend Healer. I think that’s enough to get the collection started. I’ll most likely either borrow models from the other Nomads player until I can fill out my collection a bit more, but for me, this is a nice start to the collection.

I am dead set on the Secret Weapon Miniatures Warp Core bases. For a space faring faction maintaining life on 3 colossal ships, I think the Warp Core bases give a great detail that looks like the inside of a ship.

I think I am going to stick pretty close to the studio paint scheme. That red, grey, white and orange really struck a harmony with me, as it reminds me of the job I did on my Craftworld Eldar army and I am really happy with the results there.

On another note, as I mentioned, I am super-motivated to finish up Aleph. A last-minute purchase included the new Garuda Tactbot with Spitfire. Another model I like a LOT. Kudos to Corvus Belli. The aesthetics are what got me into the game and they have done nothing but improved on it.

I had a tough time with choosing bases for this army. I considered custom bases from Customeeple (which I love), but a desperate Google search turned up bases from Death Ray Designs. OH, MAN! These bases are EXACTLY what I was looking for. I was looking for something that looked city, but with circuit boards. I was thinking of clear bases with circuit boards etched into them, but this is it! I am going to order a couple of sets to base the models I already have. I’ll put up shots as I finish steps. (it’s so nice to have an iPhone again. Photo quality was SO much better than that Samsung I had…)

I am SO excited to get back to playing. I am waiting for Black Friday to pick up BattleFoam’s Infinity Alpha bag. The only thing that sucks about this game is that they are all metal models. Coming from the plastic version of 40K, I am a bit spoiled. I knew 40K when it was metal, but most of my models were plastic (except Eldar Aspects… Some time this decade, GW?).

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