Craftworlds Coming At You

Being snowed in sucks!


If you have a basement full of shit that needs to be assembled and painted, snowstorms rock! I pushed my airbrush to the max and the temperature in the garage cooperated long enough for me to finish these babies!


With the warm weather that hit right after the storm, I was able to head to a friend’s home and get in a couple of 1850 point games. I even got the rare opportunity to team up with my little bro for some Eldar/Dark Eldar vs Imperial Guard/Space Marines.

I am pretty pleased with the way these turned out. I have a whole tray full of these sexy beasts! I still need to do a little edge highlighting and I need to complete the riders. I HATE the super coneheads that came with the original jetbikes. So I clipped them all off and I ordered some basic Eldar Guardians heads from ebay. Those should be in this week and I should get a chance to finish the bikes this coming weekend.

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