Hobby Update: My Flesh is Weak

Damn. So… Umm…. Iron Warriors are gone…

They were wiped out but the sudden appearance of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Iron Hands. That’s right. I have officially defected to the Imperium. And with that, all of the Iron Warriors tanks and models I painted, have now been absorbed by the Iron Hands chapter.

I should have done this a LONG time ago…

So, for starters, I ordered some 32mm Tech Deck bases from Jeff over at Dragonforge Design. Since I am a HUGE fan of AdMech, I knew that AdMech would play into the collection, and Dragonforge happens to have a complementary base series called Goth Tech.





This project started as a Skitarii army. I LOVE the Mechanicum and wanted to build that. But the army is not complete. No dedicated transports (unless I go to Forgeworld) and no flyers. I knew I was going to want to ally it with something… and that’s where the trouble started.

I checked into the Iron Hands back when the Raukaan supplement was released last year. I looked into them, then shook my head because they were part of the Imperium. I vowed I would never play and Imperial army — a vow which I have now broken… but I don’t feel too bad because they hate space marines as well.

So, without much extra work, I darkened the previous silver of the Iron Warriors to the existing Iron Hands black metallic for my bevy of tanks and Storm Talon. For the Mark III Iron armour troops, I darkened them up as well.

I ordered 30 of the Betrayal at Calth Tactical Marines to fill out my tactical numbers.



Waiting in the wings are 5 Forgeworld Ironclad Dreadnoughts that need paint and assembly, as well as 5 Cataphractii Terminators. My plan is to fill out the numbers with the Betrayal at Calth models.

I already have 2 Contemptor Dreadnoughts from Forgeworld, but I may add one of the plastic Betrayal at Calth versions for grins and giggles.

For Xmas, I got a GW gift card, which allowed me to add 2 Predator tanks to the collection, bring the total number of Preds to 3. I magnetized the side sponsons so I could have the option to swap weapons.




I am planning to get the new Forgeworld decals sheet, and want to add nice Iron Hands iconography on the rear ramp of the tanks. I prepared a grey strip to house the decal. Forgeworld has Iron Hands doors and tank front, but no rear ramp options.


I also picked up the new Space Marines Captain and repurposed my old Techmarine.


I am definitely finishing up this army in the very near future. However, a sexy red army with amazing curves has my attention at the moment.

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