Hobby Update: Craftworlds Everywhere

I recently got a shot in the arm and some fire under my ass to actually FINISH an army. I have been playing armies not completely assembled forever. Models being held together by some Blue Tac because I need to paint “this” section before I can paint “that” section and then wash “this” and highlight “that” then matte varnish “this” and gloss varnish “that” before I can base and go through final assembly.

Needless to say, playing like that for the last 10 years has run its course.

So my friends — and wife — challenged me to pick and army and finish it. So while digging through the basement, I uncovered my long lost Craftworlds Eldar army. So, I decided I was going to finish that. I dug out the vehicles and jetbikes. After pulling everything out of the box and lining everything up, I counted 40+ Eldar Windriders, 3 War Walkers, 2 Warp Hunters, 1 Falcon, 3 Vypers and a Wraithlord, along with other odds and ends.

I have been playing Craftworlds for the last few months and I REALLY love the army! The versatility, firepower and speed are awesome, and the fluff suits me.

I really prefer not to use a codex army color scheme. I always try and create a custom scheme. So I tried a Space Wolves blue-esque scheme for my Craftworlds. Not bad, but the army felt sleepy to me. Didn’t really excite me. It did in the beginning.







But then I changed my mind… The “ME” set in… The perfectionist. The “unable-to-make-up-my-mindnesss”… My friends at the local GW call me the “Lord of Change-my-mind.”

This put me in a state of hobby paralysis and I stopped painting the army. I wanted to hop to another army, but I fought the urge with all I had. I spent weeks contemplating color schemes, but I decided that if the blue was sleepy, I needed to be the “little hot, sexy sports car of 40K.” Saim-Hann color scheme it is!

The paint scheme is simple! Love it! Black primer coat, Vallejo Grey Primer dual prime coat and Scarlet Red Vallejo Model Air. That’s it for the basecoating. Obviously there are a bunch of highlights and shadows that need to be added to the mix, but just the basecoat and some matte and gloss varnish, and they are ready to temporarily hit the table.

UPDATE: 2016-0202

And here they are! A few decals to differentiate the units. Some matte varnish, some gloss varnish, and a few highlights.


For my Forgeworld Warp Hunters, I did a little “interwebs” searching for some inspiration and I came across a cool red to black transition. I applied that to both of my Warp Hunters and I REALLY LIKE IT!


I like the scheme so much that I am trying to find other models to apply it to without going overboard. I think I am going to try the red to black transition on my Warlocks Skyrunner Conclave.

So I am forging ahead and knocking out model after model. I recently acquired some Wraithguard and a Wave Serpent.

UPDATE 2016-0202:

I picked up another Wave Serpent on ebay, so I have another tank to take care of.

The Wraithlord is eagerly awaiting a repaint. In the meantime, I spent some time on his base. The bases are supplied by Dragonforge Design. They are the Lost Empires bases. This one is the “Yin-Yang” base. Appropriate.



If you want to know how I went about painting this base, CLICK HERE.

So, now I have a list in front of me of the items I want to finish each day. This is the way I find I can break the project of painting an entire army down into smaller, more manageable chunks.

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