Iron Within

While watching the disappointing performance of the Pittsburgh Steelers last night, I took some couch time to knock out some work on one of three Iron Warriors Rhinos.


I decided to stipple the vehicle with 3 different shades of silver. The whole purpose was to give the tank a textured, gritty feel. Black was used for most access points, and the gold was used on just the front door. There will be no other embellishments on my tanks. No skull racks or excessive chains or anything. Iron Warriors keep it brutal and simple.


I have the rear ramp painted already. I still need to paint the tracks and finish up some of the stippling on the bottom and rear of the Rhino. Once I finish getting the colors blocked in for this one, I’ll matte varnish it to protect the layers already completed, and I’ll dive into my oil washes.

This will be my first attempt at oil washes. I have wanted to try it in the past, but I have been slow to pull the trigger. Not so for this project. I can’t wait to give it the dark shadows and make the silver pop.

After the oil wash, I will gloss coat the model and apply my decals and weathering pigments. Then for the finale, I’ll matte coat the entire model again for final protection.

This is just the beginning. I currently have 12 Rhino/Vindicator/Predator tanks to complete, along with 4 Land Raiders.


I may be at this for a while…

Iron within.

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