Tau Crisis Suit XV-8 Conversion

I HATE the GW Crisis Suit models.

I HATE the GW Crisis Suit models.

I HATE the GW Crisis Suit models.

Did I mention I HATE the GW Crisis Suit models?

I love the Fire Warriors. I think they are the best looking troop model in all of 40K (except for the female Dark Eldar Warriors). I REALLY like most of the other Tau Empire models. I am not a fan of the Kroot race, but — hey — call me elitist…

I have been searching for a Crisis suit alternative model for a LONG time. I have found things that were cool, but cost too much as single models. Both that, and/or the scale and/or size was way off. I was gonna give up, but I discovered a post by Shas’Ui on Advanced Tau Tactica.

He ran across the Gundam Converge models and bought a few. He put them next to a Crisis suit and the scale was almost spot on. With that, I jumped onto ebay and ordered a few.


The original model had a giant Gundam head. The model is a bit SD (super-deformed), but the Riptide heads look quite natural.

They are not poseable at all. The arms rotate at the shoulder, but that’s it. The model is made of PVC, so it’s a little squishy and the primer had a bit of a time sticking. I stuck magnets in the arms so I can mount the GW weapon systems and they don’t look too bad.

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