For the Greater Good – Riptide #2

The Necrons have gone back to slumber for a while and the defenders of the Greater Good are hitting tables all over. While my list does not currently contain them, I have been spending some time, lately, working on Riptides.

I wasn’t particularly happy with my execution of Riptide #1. The pose is too static and I let the digital camo get out of hand. I decided, for #2, that the focus was going to be on minimal and clean. I also wanted to pose the model more dynamically.

So, what I decided to do was mount the model on a flying stem and position it to look like it was coming down for a soft landing. I am planning to mount both gun weapon options and have them out to the side of the Riptide, pointing towards the ground.

I started painting over the weekend. I went lighter than the original Riptide, and I really like the results.



It’s looking good. It matches he existing paint scheme and I will find a subtle place to carry through the digi camo scheme.

Stay tuned.

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