Toybox Update: March 24, 2014

Hey all. Long time. I know. Sorry. A lot has been going on. Both in the hobby and outside of it. I’ll get right in to it.

I have a HUGE passion and love for toys! We both know that. But I have discovered collectible vinyl toys on a whole new level — and I am hooked. I discovered Huck Gee’s work, and I am a junkie.

Last week I tried my hand at obtaining his newest release, the Black Skullhead APs.


I had the item in my cart and was checking out of PayPal, when I received an error message that the item sold out while I was checking out. How the fuck does that happen? Now, knowing how crazy the toy world is for Huck’s work, I need to streamline my process so I don’t miss out next time…

Warhammer Dwarfs

The guys over at the Battle Coalition are starting up a Warhammer Fantasy Battle campaign. I have been told that I can’t play Chaos Dwarfs, so I am building up a regular Dwarfs army that will use my Chaos Dwarf models. I ordered the army book a couple of weeks ago, and I just received it today. I LOVE machines. So I think I am going to piss plenty of people off with a big war machines army. Complete with copters and bombers and a Quareller firing line. Can’t help it. I love shooting and I love machines.

For my Quareller unit(s), I have decided that the GW models won’t do. They’re just too freakin’ small. Their scale is off. Especially when standing next to the hulking (as hulking as Dwarfs can be) Chaos Dwarf models from Forgeworld. So I went searching for some cool crossbow models and found what I wanted from Avatars of War.


I ordered 1 box of the Dwarf Crossbowers. No idea when they’ll get here, but if I like them, I’ll pick up some more.

I have already picked up a couple of Dwarf Gyrobombers. Not a big fan of the models, but oh, well. If I find something else, I’ll replace ’em.

Warhammer 40K

I had a long conversation with a guy regarding my feeling towards Necrons. The result of the conversation was that I should change up the list a bit and try them out again. I did. And I had a BLAST! I have been completely reinvigorated with Necrons over the last couple of months — shelving Tau, Dark Eldar and Iron Warriors for the moment.

On the work table is one of 3 Ghost Arks. I have already assembled the pieces and airbrushed the pilot’s section and the ribs. I am in the process of painting the metal parts black, so I can apply the metallics over a black undercoat.




I’ve completed 4 of the 6 ribs already. I’m panning to finish up the last 2 tonight and work on the pilot’s seating. The tomorrow, I’ll start applying the metallic basecoat.

Convergence of Cyriss

Last week I listened to the audiobook Dark Convergence by Dave Gross. It made 2 things happen: 1.) Aurora, while a cool model, is a spoiled brat; 2.) I wanna play Warmachine again. I haven’t played in months. I already pre-ordered Father Lucant from The War Store and he’ll be releasing in April some time. In preparation for getting back in to Warmachine, I managed to open the Battlefoam bag my mom got me last Christmas… It’s been sitting in the shipping box since Christmas.


With Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, Infinity, Malifaux and Warmachine, something’s liable to slip through the cracks. And that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to check out Dust Warfare… Sigh. I need more time and money.

I am eager to get rid of stuff. I need to make some space for — well, more stuff! I am trading my Skaven army for some Necron stuff. My friend asked me if I could paint the army also. I am looking at this box of stuff like, “holy crap that’s a LOT of rats…” Not sure how I picked up so much stuff. I am not even a big fan of Skaven…


I need to find a quick paint scheme for these so I don’t spend years painting this army. I want dark wood and brown and grey fur. I’ll mix up the fur colors a little, just so they don’t look all alike. Maybe I’ll batch paint in groups of 10. I’ll probably airbrush most of it to move through it quickly. not sure yet.

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