Studio Update: January 29, 2014

After my head-first dive into Infinity, I understand how important terrain is to this game. Not only that, but I am a HUGE fan of laser-cut MDF (the smell is awesome!). I have been eyeballing Micro Arts Studio modular terrain for Infinity for a while, but didn’t have a real reason to invest in it, before now, because I wasn’t playing regularly. But that has changed.

I have been playing Infinity for the last few weekends, and I am eagerly awaiting the upcoming session. I hopped on to eBay and found a few reasonably-priced Infinity pieces. I have built one of the staircases and I ordered a couple of other pieces — which just arrived.



I picked up a couple of the larger District 5 Apartment-L buildings along with an Objective Room and a Guard House. I gotta say that I am REALLY digging this stuff. I did manage to break a couple of pieces, unfortunately, due to applying too much pressure or force to certain pieces. You do have to be careful while assembling the MDF terrain, but it connects very tightly and seems like it’ll stay together for ages. Haven’t decided whether I wanna hit it with some paint or not yet. So far, I’ll leave as-is.

The Holo Ad Upgrade pack was a must-have for me! The pack comes with 2 new holo ads, and connector pieces to attach them to various structures in the “made for Infinity” universe. It adds color and the acrylic adds a hi-tech look to the city I’m building. I added the first holo ad to the catwalk I built, and the second I’ll put on one of the new District 5 Apartment-L structures I picked up.


The fit is a bit tight. I had to flex the holo ad a bit to get it to fit into the cutouts in the side of the catwalk, but they’ve been sitting for a few days, so I am going to assume that all is well. The design is awesome! The ads come with a support piece that attaches to the bottom of the catwalk to give it more horizontal support so it doesn’t tip over sideways.


I also picked up some of the terrain pieces associated with the ITS (Infinity Tournament System). I picked up a couple of packs of the terminals which are used in a scenario I recently played.

Built of resin, these detailed info terminals stand about the height of an average model. The are sold by Micro Arts Studio and run only a few bucks. You get 3 terminals in each pack.


All Your Base…

In addition to the terrain pieces, my guys over at Dark Lance Designs hooked me up! I have been searching for unique bases for my Aleph army and I hit the jackpot! With their assistance, I designed some custom clear acrylic bases with laser-etched circuit board graphics.



I plan to go to Home Depot and pick up some adhesive felt to put on the bottom of the bases. Currently, the paper is still on them, but I’ll take that off and have a nice soft base bottom so the acrylic won’t get scratched up.

Iron Within

I received the bases I ordered from Fenris Games in the mail yesterday. With that, I am on the warpath to get my Iron Warriors on the table. I began painting Tactical Squads in preparation of the bases. Now I am waiting for the weather to warm up so I can prime the remaining models and bases.


I am still not sure how I am going to play this army… The Chaos codex doesn’t seem to support legions other than Death Guard and World Eaters, so I’ll see if I can make do. I still need to pick up a few Tactical squads so I can get some heavy weapons (NO idea why missile launchers don’t come in the CSM box…). I also need a few Obliterators, but I plan to pick up the Terrorizer models from Hi-Tech Miniatures.

I am taking inventory and I need to order some Battlefoam trays to transport this army. I think this is my number 1. I don’t know too many people that actually play Iron Warriors. I know plenty of people who like them, but I have yet to see a nice Iron Warriors army on the table in my local centers.

As for my number 2 army… Well, I thought it would be Tau or Necrons. It’s neither. It’s actually going to be Dark Eldar. Yeah. My ladies of the dark are being worked on in order to get them finished up. They’ve hit the table quite a bit lately and I really like the way they play and compete. Fast, deadly and hot!





I still have quite a bit to do with them. As I have been back and forth with all the different army choices, I haven’t focused on them lately. Now, with my decision made and with Dark Eldar and Iron Warriors as my main armies, I can start to focus in and get them both completely knocked out.

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