The Greater Good 11.27.2013

Made some more progress on my Tau army. I started painting my Tau Piranha. The first one has been basecoated and had some decals applied. I need to finish up the pilots and detail work, as well as apply some weathering. So far I am really digging this scheme.




With the Thanksgiving holiday upcoming, I plan to spend some time in the workshop knocking out some more of this army. My plan is to complete a second and third Piranha to this point, so I can batch paint the pilots, highlights and weathering. Each of the remaining Piranhas will have a slightly different paint scheme although they will be the same color palette. I plan to add some black to the Dark Sea Grey for some camo variation.

The weather has gotten colder, so I am hoping I can still get a good prime coat in the garage. It’ll suck if I can’t get to this army for a couple of weeks…

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