The Greater Good 11.25.2013

Remember how excited I was when I did this?


Well, it’s nowhere near as excited as I am to do this:


You see. I have this Riptide that has an amazing digital camo scheme on it, and I really wanted to match the rest of the army to that. The Riptide is my centerpiece. So I thought really long and hard on how to make that scheme work across the rest of the army. I think I found it.

I spent much of the weekend trying out some test models and I found a scheme that works with the digi camo. The Marker Drones will rock a similar digi camo, but a bit lighter color scheme than the Recon Drones.


The pattern on the Marker Drones is also horizontal instead of vertical and I tried my hand at applying decals for the first time. So far, so good.

The Games Workshop Drones are considerably smaller than the larger Forgeworld Marker Drones, so I stayed away from the digital camouflage, opting instead to just use vertical lines.


I think it keeps the overall design clean and simple and the color palette is a bit more muted, with less contrast than the larger Drone models. I have a bit of fluff in my head for why I did that.

The Drones were easy. The roadblock I ran into before were the infantry models. I didn’t have a scheme that incorporated the colors of the digi camo that didn’t make the models look like — well — grey plastic…

I opted for the armor to be the darker grey and the pants to be the lighter grey. I will give them a bit of a pigment treatment to weather them a bit. The kicker was to add the orange to the right shoulder pad.



While I liked the grey, it definitely needed something. I tried several accent colors in the past and didn’t like what I saw. But something stuck here. Not sure how I didn’t figure this out earlier. I laid out several models and started painting and I am really digging the results. I didn’t have my wet palette handy, so I wasted a lot of paint and stopped until I had what I needed to knock these guys out. Unfortunately, winter has set in here in the Nation’s Capital, so I may have to put the priming of the rest of the army off for a bit. I still have a ton to build. But I am on a roll now!

The Beasts Are Coming!

I stopped by the Bowie Battle Bunker this weekend and ran into a good friend who has established a Warhammer Fantasy team. They are a tournament group and are a great group of guys. Unfortunately, I play Chaos Dwarfs and the evil stunties are not allowed in a lot of tournaments. So he proceeds to inform me that their Beastmen player has moved away. Of all of the Fantasy armies that I’d like to build and play, Beastmen is the one. Well, a Great Bray Shaman, Beastlord, Beast Battalion box and Minotaurs box later, I have the beginnings of a Beastmen army. Stay tuned for the update on that army!

With that said, I may have broken my resolution. I think I painted and assembled more than I played this year. Actually, I am pretty sure of it. So, what the hell, I may as well break it all the way! Goal by the end of the year is to have 2,500 points of Tau built, assembled and painted, as well as 2,000 points of Beastmen. I also plan to add a few Convergence of Cyriss models in there, but that’s additional stuff. Tau and Beasts!

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