IN PROGRESS: 11.19.2013

After a lot of thought and a LOT of test models, I thought I had finally settled on my final paint scheme for my Tau army. I have thought of it time and time again and said to myself, “no, it’s too close to the original Tau colors.” While there’s nothing wrong with the Tau orange, I wanted something a bit richer. So, I danced around the colors — even trying out a digital camo scheme. Nothing made me happy. (Although the Riptide looks AMAZING in the digital camo.) The digi camo was hard for me to translate to the smaller models. So I went back to a richer color scheme and then back to something else. I should have stayed with the richer color because I basecoated my Forgeworld Marker Drones and — HOLY SHIT! I said I was only going to try out one model, but one turned to three and before I knew it, I had all 6 preshaded, basecoated and striped.



I am still trying to decide the level of weathering I want to add. Whether I wanna do paint chipping or just dirt. I need to mask off the lines and clean them up a little, but overall, I’m pretty stoked. I started a Fire Warrior a couple of days ago, and it looks like this scheme will translate very well over the army. I am going to take a page out of Games Workshop’s book and add some camo to the larger vehicles.

I think my next group of models are my Piranha which I don’t think I will add the camo pattern to. I am considering adding striping only or possible digi camo along the wings. I’ll probably go through a couple of test models for that… My Stealth Suits, XV-9 suits and Riptide are gonna require some thought. I want them to look different, but cohesive. I’ll see what I come up with.

All My Base Are Belong to Tau

I decided to get the jump on my troop painting last Sunday. While watching some football, I knocked out a bunch of bases. I had trouble coming up with a paint scheme, mainly because I didn’t know what the paint scheme of the Tau would be. But I believe I have thrown caution to the wind and just did something. If need be, I can go back and warm the colors up a bit to play off the caramel Tau color. But I rather like the neutral color. I think the contrast of the base and the armor will play nicely.


That’s all I have for now. In the meantime, happy hobbying!

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