Happy Hobbyday! 11.18.2013

Happy Hobby Monday! I had a pretty game-filled weekend. well, maybe not filled, but I got a game in and a little hobbying.

Dark Eldar

Some friends and I are getting in some mock tournament work. Plans are to attend the NoVA Open next year. Although I’ll probably play Tau, I decided to give Dark Eldar a spin for this tournament. After beating a Tyranids player, I lost to Chaos Nurgle Marines by failing 3 leadership tests and fleeing off of objectives… Had I made 1 of those, I would have tied at the least… Sucks that happened. But that’s the way the dice roll some times.


I got back to the grind on the Greater Good. After dealing with the digi camo, I decided to reprime most of my models and try something else. While the digi camo looks awesome on the Riptide, the troops don’t look so cool to me. So I am looking at a sort of caramel colored scheme.

I started with Citadel’s Mournfang Brown and highlighted with Citadel’s Skags Brown and Deathclaw. I plan to use Bestigor Brown for the edge highlights. This is the first stage with the Mournfang.




I have a ton of models to paint. I have already reprimed the Marker Drones and will look to have them, as well as 3 squads of Fire Warriors, completed by the end of the week.

I was looking at my models that need to be built and I still have a ton! After the Fire Warriors and Marker Drones are completed, I have 2 boxes of Pathfinders that need assembled and painted. A Riptide that needs to be built and painted, a bunch of XV-9 suits that need to be built and painted, a couple of Remora Drones, 6 Piranha and 12 Stealth Suits… I wonder if I can get them completed by the end of the year…?

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