IN PROGRESS: Convergence of Cyriss Axis the Harmonic Enforcer

Up on deck is the newest Convergence of Cyriss warcaster, Axis the Harmonic Enforcer. One of 3 of my most anticipated warcasters, I was eager to get him built, painted and fielded!

I ordered him online, as my local retailers do not have much Convergence stuff in stock. Anticipating the Convergence release, I ordered bases from Dragonforge Miniatures long before the faction was released. It was good timing because the bases were received around the same time the first models came in. I selected a base for Axis that would feature him prominently. A simple broken cog with a little debris around the edge. He’s such a hulking model, I felt he needed a suitable base with little clutter.

As each model in my Convergence army is like a piece of art, I decided in advance that the bases would be worked on individually. I didn’t want to batch-paint the bases. I wanted the bases to more or less suit the model. So I worked on each one individually, along with the model. In this case, I painted the base first, but I am being conscious of the color palette and I want to make sure to carry the base colors into the model.

Unlike the Cipher large vector kit, I wanted Axis’s base to be more metallic silver and less worn. I limited the rust colors and tried to keep it more of a weathered steel, but not too weathered. More dirty than corroded.

My color palette included Tin bitz, Blackened Steel, Tarnished Steel, Steel, Agrax Earthshade, Reikland Flesh, a homebrew wash, Dawnstone, Administratum Grey and Scar White. Many of these colors will be carried throughout the body of Axis.

So enough of the thinking and analyzing. I wanted to crack into the model.


I love the fact that he is only a few pieces. And he has big, thick pieces too. Nothing wimpy about this model at all. I ran my Dremel with stainless steel cleaning brush over the bits to get a shiny surface to start with and remove the residue. Next, sanded the mold lines, then gave Axis a good scrubbing with warm, soapy water. I measured out the arm pieces and drilled a hole to run a pin through the shoulders and into the arm pieces. My drilling my have been on point because even though I only planned to run a pin on each side, the holes on the opposite sides met up in the middle and drilled a nice, straight hole all the way through. That worked out, because I just ran a single pin all the way through the shoulders and cut to size to connect both arms.

I glued the arms in place and added the hoses that connect to the arms. I must say, that’s a cool touch. I really like this model. I put Axis aside for a bit because I need to gap fill the joint between the arms and the body. It’s kinda bothering me a little. Athough… Maybe I shouldn’t worry about it since he IS a machine… The gap may look more natural… Just thought about that.

Anyways, I picked up the base, fit Axis for size, then drilled pin holes in the bottom of Axis’s feet and aligned the pinholes on the base and drilled. I needed to clip a couple of rivets on the base to make Axis fit better. I gave the base a quick sanding, then a warm soapy scrubbing as well.

Starting with a black basecoat, I gave the base a heavy drybrush of Tin Bitz. I then added a lighter drybrush of Blackened Steel. I then took a piece of blister pack foam and stippled on Tarnished Steel, followed by Steel. With that dry, I gave the entire base two coats of a homebrew wash diluted with equal parts water.

Using the blister pack foam, I stippled on some Burnt Umber and then a bit more Steel. I patchy washed Reikland Flesh and Agrax Earthshade, then a lighter, tighter drybrush of Tarnished Steel. I added some Deathclaw to the rivets and around the joints and ta-da.


I may go in and add some Scorched Brown to the edges, but I am happy with it so far. Before I do much more to the base, I will paint Axis and get an idea of the contrast and color palette. Then I will make adjustments to the base.

With the base set aside, it’s time to go into Axis again. I will decide, in a bit, whether or not to gap fill the shoulder joints. I already have in my mind that I will dual prime black then Vallejo Grey Primer. Then I’ll go in with Vallejo Model Air Gun.

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