Studio Update: 11.04.13

Wow, I can’t believe it’s November already! This year has flown by and I must say that I am quite proud of myself. I made a resolution at the beginning of the year to play more than I hobby, and I believe I am on pace to do just that — but just barely… I am winding down on the Dark Eldar labor of love army and I am going to ride those chicks into the new year!

I took a few days off from work last week and tried to knock out some projects. One was to take some of my older Dark Eldar models and give them a facelift. I reprimed and repainted my Raiders and Ravagers and bought a few new additions to the force, including 2 more Razorwing Jetfighters, a couple more Venoms and some Reaver Jetbikes.


After getting the models basecoated, I went in and experimented with some tribal designs and colors on the sides of the Venoms. I tried a couple of different colors, but didn’t quite hit the mark. I ended up repriming and repainting a couple of Venoms a couple of times. I think I may have found the color after some trial and error, but I’ll try that a little later this week.


I also stumbled upon a couple of ebay auctions over the weekend and picked up enough Kabalite Warrior female models to make one of 3 blob squads of warriors.

Ghosts In Shell

With the Dark Eldar army under control and making satisfactory progress, I turned a little attention to my Warmachine army. I played a game yesterday, so I wanted to get my models to the point where I can play them and they not fall apart. I am notorious for not gluing my figures until they are completely painted, but this leaves my models attached with Blue Tac and very delicate to the touch. I went ahead and basecoated the Convergence models so I can glue them qand paint them. I’ll get to the details when I get a chance.


The game turned out favorable. It’s been a while since I’ve played WarmaHordes and I did away with all of my opponent’s warjacks in 6 turns before he conceded. I was pretty satisfied with the victory, not losing a single model and keeping everything relatively unharmed due to the repair abilities.

March of the Minotaurs

Remember this guy?


Well, guess what was waiting for me on my desk at work this morning…?


Yes, that badass Contemptor Dreadnought Aiakos arrived from Forgeworld! I’m incredibly excited to jump back on building the Minotaurs army, but I have kind of back-burnered them to finish some other projects. As tough as it’s going to be, he’ll need to go in the “to-do” pile with Moloc and Enkomi. I already ordered the base for Aiakos from Dragonforge, so that should be arriving in the coming weeks. But first I must knock out some other stuff.

May Hashut Be With You

One of those projects I REALLY need to finish is my Chaos Dwarfs army. I was asked over the weekend to jump in a game, but I didn’t have my models completed. Granted, I could have proxied some Skaven in their place, but I really want my army completely assembled and painted before they hit the table. Unfortunately, there are 2 armies ahead of them: Dark Eldar and Convergence. But I do plan to have them completely finished by the beginning of 2014. Hopefully the game doesn’t change too much before then…

I need to assemble the Hero and Lord models. I need to add several trays of Infernal Guard with hand weapon and shield and I would like to try to pick up some Hobgoblin units. I still need to assemble my Death Shrieker Rocket and Magma Cannon and purchase another one of each of those war machines. I pretty much have everything in the Forgeworld line for them. I am awaiting the K’daai Destroyer model, however. Although I may end up converting the Chaos Maulerfiend instead.

So much to do! But I am enjoying every freakin’ minute! Guess that’s why I’m a junkie!

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