The Path of the Minotaurs – 09.30.13

Happy Monday! I’m sitting at work thinking about the weekend I had. It was a good time to be had – in a big, giant, nerdy way… Saturday I spent the day with some awesome friends at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. The weather was gorgeous — as was the scenery 😉 Sunday was my daughter’s birthday, so the wife and I had a little get-together for the little one. However, after most of the guests left, I got to work…

While I watched the Sunday night game on the tube, I fired up the air compressor and went to work on my test Vindicator. My plan was to get 3 Vindicators done, but that was not to be the case. Got started way too late and still had some guests in the house.

I started with a black prime coat, then went in with a Deathclaw Brown basecoat. This took a while longer than I expected. I took it slow so I wouldn’t get any pools or anything, but the application seemed to take forever… I disassembled the Vindicator, so I was able to spray each piece individually. After that was completed, I reassembled the model without gluing. The pieces fit snug and I was basically able to snap the model together. I used Citadel’s Balor Brown as a zenithal highlight. I wanted to keep the orange-ish color in the shadows, so I was careful not to cover the basecoat color completely.


I dug through my paint collection looking for a something along the lines of a Warplock Bronze. Instead, I found something even better. I found 2 pots of some still live Tin Bitz. I thinned that down and shot it through my airbrush and coated an entire Tactical Squad. That 9-man Tac Squad I started assembling early last week is now mostly basecoated. I still need to spray the arms and guns. But they don’t look too bad. Once the arms are completed, I will blue Tac the model together and add some highlights and lighten the model up a tad bit. Then I’ll wash the models to darken the recesses, then add a very light silver/bronze drybrush to finish. I ordered shoulder pads from Forgeworld, so I hope to get those soon!


So far, I’m happy. Didn’t get as much accomplished as I had hoped, but I am at least seeing SOME progress. Stay tuned.


Just received a box with some new dice! I got some Koplow Dark Brown Marbleized dice that are colored like the dark bronze armor. That’s how you know it’s official — when I get dice to match the paint! Which also means — I have an overabundance of different colored dice… #Firstworldproblems…


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