The Path of the Minotaurs – 09.27.13

Over the past week I have been rummaging through my Iron Warriors collection and salvaging what I can to make the Minotaurs chapter game-ready. Funny that I found myself doing that because — well, that’s what Minotaurs do… I read somewhere that they claim whatever they want from a destroyed enemy to replenish themselves. Freakin’ awesome! I am more minotaur than I thought…

I found quite a bit that I can use. 2 Contemptor Dreadnoughts, 4 Ironclad Dreadnoughts, 40+ MkIII Iron Armour kits (converting to Devastator Squads), 6 Vindicators, etc., etc., etc.

So I began repriming models. First were my Vindicators. Got a little emotional about those. They were the closest to completion for the Iron Warriors with their silver stippled bodies and the yellow and black chevrons across the siege shield.




Sigh… They’re Minotaurs now! I applied the usual flat black primer to 3 of the 6 already. I hope to finish the remaining 3 over the coming weekend and apply the Citadel Skrag Brown basecoat to all 6. If I can get that completed, I would feel pretty comfortable with my progress.

I also started thinking about my Tactical Squads. Being that they are the bulk of the army, I need to get them up and ready for battle quickly. I decided on the MKIV Maximus armor for the 2nd Company. That worked out well because I had a 10-man squad unbuilt and unpainted that I was going to use for Iron Warriors. They’re Minotaurs now! I also have a bunch of Umbra Ferrox bolters that I REALLY like that I will use with this Company.


I thought I had my infantry paints ready to go, but a test model this morning proved me wrong. The bronze SpectraText Airbrush Color I picked up was not going to work as a basecoat. The color is too light and more gold, with a tint of green. I may use that as a highlight coat… Maybe not. In the meantime, I think I am going to settle for something darker. Vallejo Model Air Rust will likely be my base. I used it quite a bit and I’m pretty happy with the character of the color. I will probably add in some Antique Gold from Reaper Master Series and then top it all off with a Nuln Oil + Devlan Mud + Thrakka Green wash and a light Reaper Master Series Tarnished Steel drybrush. Then I’ll go into the crevices and joints and add some patina using a watered-down Hawk Turquoise or something to that effect.

I already placed an order for some power armor Minotaur Chapter shoulder pads. I should have those in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I am going to plug away at this Tactical Squad and the Vindicators and pick up the Space Marines codex in preparation for the arrival of Chapter Master Moloc and Chaplain Enkomi.

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