Studio Update: 09.23.13

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted. I took a brief hiatus to clear my head and get over some of the hobby hurdles I placed in front of myself. I now approach the hobby/games with a clear mind and sense of adventure. So let the journey begin!

Warhammer 40K

While I have been busy, I haven’t been busy enough! I still have a shitton of work that needs to be done on ALL of my armies before they are ready to hit the table.


After much debate, resistance and reluctance, I have abandoned the grey/white digital camo color scheme. While it clearly works for some models, I don’t like it on others. I thumbed through the codex a few days ago and saw a few inspirational pics. Things that I decided to move on. I am in the process of repriming my models and starting the painting process all over again. I am starting with the Fire Warriors and trying to knock them all out before I move on. With my daughter’s birthday on the horizon, my weekends are getting busy, so knocking out 80 Fire Warriors is gonna be tough, but I gotta stay strong and focused.

I have already started working on the bases I got from Dragonforge. I chose the Lost Empires bases. I think they work well for this army. I tested the first 5 bases with just base colors. I haven’t yet applied any washes or anything, but so far, so good.



I also started painting the first group of Fire Warriors. Going with something more earthy and clean, while mixing in a little color with my elite units. I didn’t want to weather the army, but I just gave in. I think the weathering will add some visual interest and make the models look more complete.


While searching for some painting inspiration, I stumbled across an interesting Space Marines chapter. Generally, I am against anything “loyalist.” I prefer my marines corrupt and badass, but I think I may have found one of the most badass of them all. And while they may not be entirely corrupt, there is definitely something going on with them.

I have decided to put Dark Eldar on hold and I made a tough decision to fold my unfinished Iron Warriors into these guys. I ordered my first Minotaurs — Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi — from Forgeworld over the weekend, so stay tuned to the developments of that. I will need to pick up the new Space Marines codex and familiarize myself with the crunchy newness.


Once I receive Moloc and Enkomi, I think my next buy will be Hecaton Aiakos, the Contemptor Dreadnought character.


He’s pretty badass! In fact, the whole chapter is badass! The fact that the only answer to the highest authorities in the Imperium, HATE other Space Marines (yes, they are Space Marines that have Preferred Enemy: Space Marines), and they have the most advanced gear in growing abundance that makes other chapters envious… That’s the chapter for me. And they are very different from what I currently own. They are a very fast attacking force. While my other army choices are quick, they prefer to stay at range. These guys like to get all over you as quickly as possible. They can pretty much use anything from bikes, to Land Speeders, to jump packs. And if that’s not enough, yup, they come down in drop pods. I think I may have some fun with this one.

I am still searching for chapter info. Something to give me more background. But from what I have read thus far, I really like these guys.

Their armor color is a little different as well. They are bronze-colored with red trim. But not every armor is trimmed. This gives me a chance to kind of mix and match things up a bit. I placed an order a couple of days ago for some SpectraTex Bronze airbrush paint. I already have the reds and I may mix some Citadel Sycorax Bronze into the SpectraTex for my highlights. I just need to see how dark the SpectraTex Bronze is. The scheme seems simple. For the vehicles, I am planning a solid color, not the metallic bronze. Something of maybe a brownish yellow. The Forgeworld site has a Land Raider Achilles painted the exact same way I wanted to go, so I’ll use that as my guide.


Package! I just checked the mail room at work and discovered a tightly packaged box with my name on it 🙂 With a swipe of my exacto knife, I released Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer from his cardboard prison.



The newest addition to my growing Convergence of Cyriss faction, this warcaster is the first of two of my most highly anticipated battlefield commanders. The second if Father Lucant — or General Grievous — as he has been adoringly referred to by fellow Convergence players. His release date is still unknown…

I can’t wait to get this guy assembled. I have already ordered my resin scenic bases from Dragonforge, and I have the paint scheme ready! Can’t wait to get this guy on the table!


Well, since Otakon, I have been fascinated with Sword Art Online. I had never heard of the show until I got to Otakon, but there was advertising and cosplay for it all over the convention center. I decided to give it a quick watch.

Holy shit, was it good! I loved the artwork and the story. I fell in love with the characters and even the “bad guy” made me feel for him.

Major qualm was that it seemed rushed a bit. I won’t give away any spoilers, but I’ll definitely have to read the manga to fill in some of the holes.

As no surprise, I have been on the Attack On Titan train. I have watched every episode thus far on CrunchyRoll and and I will rush home tonight to watch episode 23. Another great show!

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