Dark Eldar Sky B*tches!

Last week, I got the opportunity to break out an oldie but goodie. Some friends wanted to play some 40K outside of our current campaign.

Unfortunately, I didn’t want to play Necrons. Don’t like them very much any more. Tau is on the painting table — digital camo takes forever… Iron Warriors are not based. The only army I had available was The Baroness and her Sky Bitches.

So I packed up a few Venoms, a Razorwing, a couple of Trueborn units and some Warriors.

The game was a quick three-man 1,500 point battle. King of the Hill style game that we made up on the fly.

Anyways, I played and had a BALL! I forgot how awesome this army can be. And this army is a true labor of love. The army is all-female and just kick-ass. I put the army aside because of other armies beckoning. With my disappointment in Necrons and my brother playing Tau (I have a thing about overlapping armies), I decided to give these girls some attention.

I had already started painting them. I was using an Obsidian Rose styled paint scheme, but using purple instead of red. I was using Liche Purple and Warlock Purple from Citadel, but then the paint line changed. I tried Reaper Master Series Purple, but the color was way too flat. Not much saturation in the color at all and my colors looked washed out.

I had been using Spectra Tex paints in black, white and green for my Necrons. They are airbrush colors from Badger. Not bad colors. They dry very glossy and have good color saturation. I picked the colors up from Michael’s craft store. I decided to give their purple a try. Upon inspection, the purple was WAY too fuschia. So I picked up some Midnight Blue and added it to the purple. I mixed a full bottle of purple to a third of the midnight blue in an empty squirt bottle.

Since I am playing a very mobile-heavy army, I thought there was no better start than painting some Venoms. I still have some Venoms to assemble, but from what I have, here’s the start.





I am planning to add some tribal dragons or razorwire or something to the sides. Then I am going to edge highlight and weather. Still a long way to go, but this is a labor of love. And I love it!

UPDATE: 08.26.13

Still working on the girls. Over the weekend I picked up a couple more Venoms and ordered a Forgeworld Void Dragon Phoenix to use as a Void Raven Bomber.

While looking in my display case, I was inspired to work on some of the Reaver bikes. I had already painted them, but that was with the older paint scheme. I decided to reprime and repaint. I currently have 6. In my dream army, I have 20. All 6 bikes have been reprimed, basecoated and highlighted with my airbrush. I have magnetized the underslung Splinter Rifles and available options.

For the first bike, I did a little weathering using some black paint and a corner of packing foam that came inside a model blister.



I ordered some Vallejo Model Air Metallic Black to paint the bike’s underframe. I need something sexy and contrasting to paint the rider. I was thinking about black latex for the pants, but I am not quite sure what to do with the top half. I feel the model needs some bright white or some other color to contrast all of the purple. I am planning to add some markings on the sides and along the hood on some of the models, but I may choose to leave this one alone. We’ll see how I feel.

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