Necron Novokh Dynasty

So I just went for it! I happened to be thumbing through the Necron codex a week or so ago trying to prepare myself for an upcoming campaign. It must have been late or something because I stopped on the gallery pic of the Novokh Dynasty models and figured that I should paint my army to look just like that. Why? I usually don’t prefer red models… But then I thought, “self, all of your current armies are silver or grey. Tau – digital camo grey. Iron Warriors. Chaos Dwarfs. Imperial Guard. Silver, silver, silver. Convergence of Cyriss. Yup, silver… Why not red?”

So while on my “throne” I sketched out the gameplan for my Novokh-inspired Necron army.

I started with a couple of Annihilation Barges, then over this past weekend, I tried out my Night Scythes. I spent all of Saturday painting a test model, then spent Sunday applying that test to the two other Night Scythes I have.

I clipped and cleaned. Then I magnetized the two Tesla Destructors to the bottom of the Night Scythe. A couple of light coats of Krylon Camo Black paint, and I was off to the airbrush.

If you read the Annihilation Barge paint plan, you know the next steps. In case you didn’t, here they are:

Primed Black


  • Airbrush Reaper Master Series Auburn Shadow
  • Edge Highlight: Reaper Master Series Carrottop Red
  • Sponge Stipple: Reaper Master Series Bloodstain Red



Main Hull/Cockpit Armor

Airbrush Vallejo Model Air Gun


Stipple: Reaper Master Series Blackened Steel


Stipple: Reaper Master Series Tarnished Steel


Wash: Nuln Oil


Wash: Nuln Oil + Devlan Mud

Stipple: Reaper Master Series Tarnished Steel


Stipple: Black Carbon Oxide Weathering Pigment



Scorpion Green


Hull Spine:

Vallejo Model Air Copper

A lot of steps, but it went by pretty quickly. I didn’t use a hairdryer to get the paint to dry faster, so I got in a few hours of Borderlands 2 while I was waiting for washes to dry.

Final result:



I am pretty happy with the result. I still have the cockpit, weapon assemblies and transport portals to complete. And since I magnetized the Tesla Destructors, I am also going to need to finish up the Death Ray. I also need to go back into the glyphs and make sure there are no bare spots on there. I am considering adding some ‘Ard Coat to make them shine a bit. I also ordered the Ancient Ruins bases from DragonForge, so I’ll get this all completed with scenic base. I can’t wait to have this army completed and on the table. I think the full dynasty would be quite a sight to see.

Next up is a complete repaint of the Triarch Stalkers…

UPDATE: 07.09.2013

I made a bit more progress on the Necron Dynasty I am working on. I have not yet painted the Triarch Stalker, but I did work on the cockpit and canopy for the stalker. It looks pretty good.

The three Night Scythes that I currently have assembled have been base coated and weathered. I still need to finish the cockpits and weapons. I magnetized the Tesla Cannons on the underside already and it’s pretty nice.

I wanted to take a little break from the vehicles and flyers and decided to work on some of the infantry models. For starters, I pulled out the Necron Immortals. My thought is that each model would have a different application of the paint scheme. I applied the Reaper Master Series Auburn Shadow to the shoulder pads and the strip down the middle of the head. I also applied the Auburn Shadow to the tesla gun casing. I then applied the weathering chipping by using Reaper Master Series Bloodstain Red and a small piece of blister foam.


On the rear, I applied a basecoat of SpectraTex Neon Green for starters to the large cable and added SpectraTex Black to the smaller cables. The SpectraTex paint has a shine to it — more than the Citadel paints — so I figured it was a nice choice for the cabling.


I’m going to need to clean up the colors a bit. The SpectraTex is very wet and will run if not careful. It’s made for airbrushes, but it’s a bit thinner than the Vallejo Model Air.

I completed 5 Immortals to this stage. I am going to finish the other 15 to this point before I move on to the next step or new unit. These are by no means finished, but if I can get the unit to this point, I can move on to another unit, so at least the majority of my army will have some paint on it before the campaign starts this coming weekend.

UPDATE: 07.11.2013

I got most of the shoulder pads completed on the 15 Immortals I currently have built. I had to take a night off and get some sleep. I will also probably take a few days off from Necrons to knock out a long-standing World Eaters project for a friend. I still need to finish up the gun bases and weathering of the shoulder pads and gun casing before I do some clean up work and move onto other parts of the models.


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