Forgeworld Tau Marker Drones

Some progress is being made on the Tau fronts… I think I am delaying the inevitable — painting a bunch of Fire Warriors and Pathfinders. I am finding myself painting everything around the Fire Warriors and Pathfinders, but leaving the infantry models alone. It’s gonna need to be done, but in the meantime, I’ll have fun with the robotic models.

So, I broke down a few weeks ago and decided that I was going to add two full squads of marker drones to my collection. Because they are their own unit, I decided I wanted to go the Forgeworld route. The drones are considerably larger than the Citadel models and look like they SHOULD be their own unit.

I started out with 6 models. Got them from Forgeworld within about 3 weeks.

I started building 2 right away. More or less to see how they went together and see how much work was going to go into them.

They had their usual issues. The resin tabs were on the front of the disk, which I had to be careful with. I snipped the tab with enough tab remaining for me to sand it down. I was afraid to cut the tab too closely to the disk — as it could have chipped and broken a piece of the disk off.

I imagined these drones clinging tight to urban rubble structures. Kind of darting in and out of city ruins to locate their targets. Because of that, I wanted the color to be a little lighter than that of the Riptide.

I started with a black primer, which I based over with Panzer Black Grey.

Next, I applied some of the MaskFX Digi Camo masking, and sprayed Vallejo Model Air Medium Sea Grey.


Finally, I applied more MaskFX and went in with a final coat of Vallejo Model Air Light Grey.


The final result of the disk is pretty cool.


I still need to add the antennae on the top, paint the underside and add some weathering I also need to knock out the bases for these models. I primed the burst cannon and marker light, so that’s the next step. Hopefully I can get these finished before the end of the week. I need to paint up some World Eaters over the weekend for a friend…

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