Tau Riptide: Day one

I finally got a large block of time to make some progress on the first of two Tau XV104 Riptides. I really like this model. Being a Gundam model builder, this kit is right up my alley.

Assembly was pretty straight-forward. I wished I would have spent more time taking care of seam lines, but it’s a tabletop piece. I want it on the table quickly and didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time in preparation.




I still have some pieces to paint. Some of the armor panels need to be completed and I am adding some gold highlights to some of the gears near the legs. I need to paint the arms and weapons, but the kit is magnetized in all of the weapon contact points. There are a couple of small magnets on the shoulders for the various weapon options and the arms are magnetized at the weapon contact points. I didn’t go full-on magnetic. Again, I wanted to get this on the table for an upcoming game.

All-in-all, I’m pretty satisfied with the result. I pinned the foot, so once I get the base completed, I can mount the model on the scenic base I got from Dragonforge.

The camo turned out better than I expected. I kinda got into a zone and when I snapped out of the zone, I had this… I was pretty impressed with myself. I’m looking forward to knocking out the rest of the army.

Up next, are the Forgeworld marker drones.

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