Ready. Set. Camoooooooo!

YES! I have impressed myself… I started working on some test models for this digital camo paintjob that I am attempting, and I must say that I am pretty pleased with the results thus far. Granted, I have a LONG way to go, but the results from these tests are very encouraging.


I started with a Tau Piranha and a Pathfinder Recon Drone. I started with Vallejo Model Air Light Grey. I applied the first layer of Masking with MaskFX Digital Camo. I sprayed Vallejo Model Air Medium Sea Grey. Once that dried I added another layer of masking followed by a final coat of Vallejo Model Air Dark Sea Grey.



I thought the Sea Greys had a little yellow in it, but I was wrong. It’s grey… I may add some weathering pigment to give it a little color and add a little interest. I don’t want to add rust chips or anything because I don’t imagine Tau would settle for that.

Tonight I am going to start the hardest part of this journey. I am going to start painting the Pathfinder unit. I’ll try to knock out 5 models tonight and update the site. Stay tuned!

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