I got a little sidetracked earlier this week by my Necrons whispering from their shelf in the mancave, but my campaign friends have made sure to refocus my efforts on the Tau Empire.

So, I’m back.

And I’m back in a big way and inspired by a recent delivery!


Yeah, I know. They are kinda pricey. And yes, I do plan to have 2 full squads. Who cares! I like ’em more than you do!

They are SO nice. They are noticeably larger than the standard plastic GW drones. And even though it’s not in the codex, the burst cannons on these drones are awesome!

I already started preparing the bases. I used 30mm Forgotten Empire rounded edge bases for my drone bases. I like the rounded edged bases more than the regular bevel bases, but Dragonforge doesn’t make all the standard 40K sizes in rounded edge. Maybe one day…

Anyways, I used the Games Workshop clear acrylic flight stems. I clipped off the smaller tip and drilled a 1/10 inch hole in the top. A little super glue an a 1/10″ magnet in the hole and, viola!

In the drone, I drilled a larger hole in the existing flight stem hole. I added a 1/8″ magnet and called it the day.

Now I need to clip, clean, prime and add my digital camo.

I ordered some new paint today. The original grey and grey and darker grey, I have a feeling, is going to be too monochromatic through the army. So I decided to pick up some Vallejo Medium Sea Grey and Dark Sea Grey to add some interest. I will start with Vallejo Light Grey instead of White Grey and add the Sea Greys. I think they will add more interest as they have a little color to them.

I can’t wait to knock this army off and get back to my Necrons, though. That Spyder I was working on earlier this week is just begging for some drybrushing, some weathering pigment and some sponge weathering. …and that new Tesseract Ark and Night Shroud Bomber is just begging for my paycheck… But, oh well. Next campaign.

In the meantime, I gotta go. My Riptide is calling!

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