I finally got my paints in.


I decided on the digital camo in urban colors. So I am sticking with the greys for this army. I got Vallejo White Grey, Vallejo Light Grey and Vallejo Panzer Dark Grey. Now, I intended to follow this image…

Slovak MiG-29 1

…but when I got the model in my hands, I talked myself into thinking the Panzer Dark Grey should be the base color, and that I didn’t need the transition color. So I thought I would like the Panzer Dark Grey and the White Grey…


Wrong I was!

Now I plan to reprime this wing and stick to the program. This is a lesson learned: that plans are made for a reason.

I finally got a chance to try out the MaskFX digital camo sheets.


I like them. The masking is clean cut and very thin, so it conforms very easily to what I have painted thus far. One thing I did notice is that the corners were peeling up on some of the rounded corners, but it was more on the bottom side, and that didn’t matter much anyways.


My OCD is gonna get in the way of this project. I can see that now. I need my corners to be crisp and my lines to be straight. When you’re dealing with a bunch of random squares and rectangles… *sigh… this is gonna take forever. But I knew what I was getting in to.

So tonight I try again. If you’re going to try to do this, I would suggest spending some time and thinking about the pattern. I plan to sit down tonight and really study how to maximize the pattern and how NOT to waste a bunch of paint…


I couldn’t resist! I said that I was going to focus on the Tau Empire, but the Necrons just keep creeping in. Yesterday, I started on the next part of my test model.


I applied Vallejo Model Air Gun to the middle beam that supports the carapace. My plan is to go from Gun, stipple/drybrush Reaper Blackened Steel and then stipple/drybrush Reaper Tarnished Steel. Then apply some weathering pigment to give it a rusted metal feel. Not too much. Just enough to add some interest and blend the sandy carapace and the metal.

So far, so good.

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