Torture Is My Middle Name…

Been a while since I last posted. Nothing much going on — except the fact that I am in the process of torturing myself. I am in the middle of a 40K campaign with some friends and I need to get my army painted. I was doing pretty well with that green color scheme, but I woke up one morning and convinced myself that I needed to step my paint game up.

So I decided on an urban digi camo…

I know that I am in for a lot of frustration and need to be incredibly patient. I scoured the web to find a color scheme, and I found this image.

Slovak MiG-29 1

I like the subtle change from the white to the light grey. Then I like the contrast between both of those colors and the dark grey. So I went to Vallejo’s website and checked out the Model Air color chart. I picked Vallejo White Grey for my base. My light grey will be — Light Grey — and I am going with either German Grey or German Panzer Dark Grey as my dark grey color. I just ordered the paint from Miniature Market. I may not receive it until after the holiday weekend — which kinda sucks…

So now it begins.

I wanted to start with my Piranha. I think this model allows the best transfer of the sample paint scheme. I was planning to paint it mostly white grey, with the other colors to add some interest.


I have painted and repainted these poor Piranha so many times… I’m surprised that the details have not filled in yet. The models still look crisp and this primer looks good on them. Considered leaving this as the base color, but I wanted to make it a tad darker.

So, I am in the process of repriming everything. Instead of the black primer I use, I have started with the Vallejo grey primer. I filled up my airbrush and fired away. I must say, that I REALLY like it. Goes on very matte and needs no thinning. Straight from bottle to my Grex XG. Very light color. Almost white. I hope the Vallejo White Grey will be a tad bit darker.

And the torture begins. I have been holding off for the last few days because I know I am approaching the point of no return. I ordered some 15mm and 28mm Digital Camo masking sheets from Mask FX in the UK. If you know of another place to get Digi Camo masking, please let me know. Didn’t take long for shipping. I received them in about a week.


I have SO much left to do for this army. I assembled most of the first of two XV104 Riptides.


I actually pick up the second one today. I already primed it black, so I am trying to decide whether to reprime grey or just add the digital camouflage over top of the black. I used pva glue to assemble the armor panels, so I’ll pop those off and add the digi camo when my paint comes in. As for the legs and joints, I am planning to start with Vallejo Model Air Gun, then drybrush Reaper Master Series Blackened Steel, then Reaper Master Series Tarnished Steel. Possibly adding a P3 Armor Wash to knock out the glittery-ness of the Model Air Gun. Or I may take this chance to experiment with oil washes.

So, the torture has begun. I am planning to do 90 Fire Warriors, 20 Pathfinders, 16 XV8, 12 XV25, 2 XV104, 2 Razorsharks, 1 Sunshark, 4 Hammerheads, 8 Devilfish, 2 Sky Ray, 10 Piranha, 6 Remora Drones, 6 Broadsides, 36 Marker Drones, 2 Barracuda, 6 Sniper Teams, 40 Kroot Carnivores, and a possible Tiger Shark. Not to mention all of the characters…

And I need to fit in there, somewhere, the time to finish up my game table. I want to replace those giant Games Workshop hill tiles with something more sensible. I wished I could afford the Forgeworld game times… (c’mon lottery!) But I am planning to go the budget route and pick up some MDF board and model in some craters. Then I need to build some forests for the Kroot Carnivores to take advantage of. I have quite a summer ahead of me…

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