No Rest for the Weary…

I have to admit something: this day light savings time crap — SUCKS! I am going to bed earlier and earlier, and I am still waking up as though I partied all night. I hate this! I guess the light at the end of the tunnel is that my armies are getting worked on.


I got a few of my test models base coated. I did 5 Fire Warriors, a Piranha and a Stealth Suit.


I started with a black prime coat, then went in with a thorough airbrush of Dheneb Stone. My next step will be to add some Pallid Witch Flesh and shoot the models with my airbrush using a zenithal highlighting technique. Once that gets applied, I will go in with some white and really brighten the models up. Then I want to do some panel highlighting and then sponge on some dark browns to give the models a weathered look. I thought about leaving it clean and simple, but I decided that everyone was going to have clean and simple Tau. I want something different.

For the cloth, I was originally considering Sotek Green. However, I think I may save that color for some detailing on the bases. I am going to pick up some of the Incubus Green color from Games Workshop on my way home. I think I am going to use that color and highlight it up a bit. I’ll shoot some pics over the weekend and see what it looks like.

Reinforcements From the Other Land…

Last night I got home to a couple of overseas deliveries.

My Renegade Guard Command Squad was in the box.



I haven’t popped them open yet, but I will when I get back to the Iron Warriors.

In addition, another 10-man squad of Mk III Iron Armour arrived.


Welcomed addition to the Iron Warriors army. I am in need of troops and heavy weapons badly. I think I am going to pick up one or two of the heavy weapons squads from Forgeworld in a few months.

Tau is priority at the minute and I wanna get Tau completely done before I move back to Iron Warriors. I think those are my two armies — Tau and Iron Warriors. I got word from my wife that I need to slow down on hobbying to afford some travel time this year. I am going to knock out Tau, slowly build up Iron Warriors and get Cyriss models from Warmachine — you know, for the greater good and all…

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