Big Guns ARE For The Greater Good

Hello all! Happy Wednesday. As you can tell by the title, this post is one dedicated to my favorite long-ranged, anime-inspired, hoof-footed, blue-skinned plastic soldiers. Yes, I have been working here and there on my Tau army rebuild. I have had these models sitting around for a while, but have been rejuvenated — like many others — by the upcoming release of the new Tau codex.

After a day of pouring through a shoebox full of bits, I finally got everything in order and took inventory of what I had and what I needed.


As this was one of my first armies, I went through the reaction that a lot of hobbyists come to, looking at an older army — “I have come a LONG way in this hobby” combined with “what the hell was I thinking…?”

As I jumped into the hobby with both feet and a wide open wallet, I just acquired, and acquired, and acquired some more. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t make a lot of money, but the hobby consumed me. If I didn’t like something, I just bought another… Now I am realizing — and sobbing — that I wasted so much time and money. My learning was much trial and error. Thank heavens for the internet… I was never taught how important it was to remove mold lines and how to glue things properly. Thus, I have models with horrible mold lines and caked-up glue corners. Unsightly seams are a huge issue with Tau, since their armor is so flat. So I salvaged what I could, and I am planning to ebay the rest. My OCD won’t allow me to move forward with some models, but they’ll work perfectly fine for someone else.

Anyways. I moved on and began one of the most painful parts of the hobby. The cleaning and removal of mold lines for 60 Fire Warriors. I don’t know anyone who likes this step. After looking at the models I had before I realize how important this step is for me. So I threw the Penguins hockey game on the television and got to work. I also ordered some Lost Empires bases from Dragonforge Miniatures. These bases fit the theme of the army perfectly, and the quality of the resin is amazing. I continue to talk about Dragonforge bases because they are just that good!

I already had 10 bases from a previous order, so I went ahead and got started on the first of 6 Fire Warriors squads.


I am still deliberating over the color scheme. I am close to a final decision. I am not interested in the usual orange that I see for Tau. I want something a bit more neutral and earthy. Also considering some significant battle damage on all the units. I’ll probably use a sponging technique, so stay tuned for the progress of that.

But, at the moment, they are lined up and ready for priming an painting.


Mont’ka — The Hunter Hunts

I wanted to add a few new units to the Tau army before the prices go up. I snagged a Finecast Tau Sniper unit. I have only one thing to say about it — I hate it! I love the sniper team models, but the Finecast is such a travesty. The resin is so frail, I KNOW that something is going to break. Even in foam trays, something is gonna get broken, and I am going to be PISSED!

The nice thing is that this model was once metal. And it’s not a lot of parts. My green stuff and gap filling skills have improved, so I am searching ebay for some metal kits. I just can’t do the Finetrash models. So many air bubbles and the two halves of the models don’t usually match up. I generally have to sand the model down, fill in the holes and use a tool to redefine the panel edges on most models. After paying almost $50 for a sniper team, I would like to think I was getting a very good model. So far, I have not had a good experience with Finecast — and I have several models…

Very, Very Sneaky, Sir…

On display, next to the Fire Warriors, and next in line on the to-do list, is a 6-suit Stealth team. I managed to salvage this unit from my earlier build. I need to re-prime a few of the models, but I made an excellent discovery. A lot of these models have not been glued together. They have, instead, been held together with Blue Tack. This is awesome because it allows me to put the model together so I can airbrush it easily with a zenithal highlighting technique, then pull it apart to paint it thoroughly without fear of stray strokes or a lot of clean up work.


Piranha’s Eat… Well… Just About Everything

And the Tau Piranhas are no exception. With Fusion blasters and the ability to equip seeker missiles, these toothy skimmers hunt well in packs and can take out tanks and Terminators alike. Hopefully the new rules won’t turn them into guppies and they’ll still be a mean choice in the Fast slot.

I am assembling a squad of 5. I have 3 from my previous build, that I am going to try to salvage. These poor models have been painted and repainted several times already. I am going to prep them and get them ready for another priming coat before applying the new colors. Hopefully this new scheme will stick.

Railgun Across the Galaxy

No Tau army is complete without a full landing pad of Hammerheads.


I have a couple of Devilfish already assembled and “painted.” I have them lined up for re-priming and painting. I’ll see what they look like after I add the basecoat and a couple of highlight layers.

So much work. More to come!

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