Iron Within.

I finally sat down and gathered my 2000 point Iron Warriors army. I did this so I could see what I still needed to buy/assemble/paint. I must say that I am pretty satisfied. I only have one unit to buy (a second Chaos Heldrake), and a couple of units to assemble — one of which is a 20-man Chaos Renegade Militia squad.

Laying my army out like this gives me a clear idea of how much work I have left before this army hits the table.



Still a LOT of painting to go. This is just the Chaos side of things. I still have the Codex: Space Marines version of the Iron Warriors and the Chaos Guard ally units to get completed before the beginning of summer.

I still need to assemble a few of the MKIII Iron Armour models, and I have another 10-man squad in the mail. I hope to get those soon and replace my Chaos Space Marine models. My thought is I can be versatile and play both a Chaos and Codex: Space Marines army with the same models.

This doesn’t get any easier with Tau on the way. I originally said I wasn’t going to mess with them, as their Crisis suits were not getting a much needed re-design. However, I have spent so much money at Forgeworld, that I made a decision to just break down, suck it up, and get my suits from Forgeworld. With a name like MisterMecha, there’s no reason I shouldn’t play with an army of giant robots…

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