STUDIO UPDATE: March 7, 2013

Happy day after snow day! The Washington, DC area got hit by a sort of phantom snow storm. It was predicted we’d have several inches of snow, but instead got several inches of slush. That evaporated after the 50 degree afternoon…

But the city shut down for precautionary reasons. With the office closed and a whole day to spend in the mancave, what is a plamo junkie to do?

Iron Within

Surprisingly, I got NO painting done with my day off. Instead, I found an acceptable way to run my Iron Warriors. Took a little doing, but I think I may have found something I am going to have fun with. So, I dug out some Death Korps of Kreig figures I had sitting around and started assembling the Guard portion. In addition, I am also going to assemble the renegade militia models I picked up from Forgeworld. I’ll probably run those from the Chaos side as meat shields… Especially since I can get 35 per squad. I had to add the Guard units in order to get access to the tank squads. Some Basilisks, some Colossus tanks. And I think I am going to stray a bit from the fluffiness and add a few of the Forgeworld Vultures. I like those.



I think I solved the whole scenic bases issue. I decided to give the previously purchased urban rubble bases to the Guard infantry models. Their stance is much more narrow than the space marines, so they fit on the bases quite nicely.

I initially bought some Forgotten Empire bases from Dragonforge to use for my Tau. However, I am still on the fence about building that army… So I took some of the bases without the markings on the ground. The bases without the markings look like urban rubble and they are flat and wide. They fit the Iron Warriors pretty well. So this is what I used for the time being. I am planning to grab one of the big Forgeworld MkIII Iron Armor squads with heavy weapons for my next Forgeworld order in a couple of weeks. Thirty more Iron Warriors with heavy weapons! (Insert evil laugh here.) I think I am going to need a bunch more bases. Stay tuned.


I also worked on a few more Cataphractii terminators. I need to find some storm shields and hammers. Can’t have Iron Warriors termies without hammers…


I am planning to run the Iron Warriors from both the Chaos and regular Sapce Marines sides. SO I need a kick-ass HQ. I settled on modifying the Lysander character. Being a fan of the Iron Warriors, having an Imperial Fist character as the basis of my character disgusts me. Now I know how the Legion felt about Honsou. But I also know that, whether they liked it or not, Honsou had their respect and was as feared a member of the Iron Warriors as a full-blood battle brother. I am looking to impose that same kind of respect and fear on my opponent with this model conversion. So I am creating Siegemaster Maxmillion Kincaid (even that name kicks all kinds of ass). I’ll add some WIP pics once I get him started.

Aleph is Watching

Literally… I started with Yu Jing, but the overall sexiness of the Aleph models has made me quickly jump ship. Nothing makes me switch sides quicker than a curvy body and a nice rack…

So, I unpacked the bases from Micro Arts Studio that I picked up I will be packing up the Yu Jing models for an ebay blast or something… I’ll pick up the Aleph starter box in the next week. I may do my first video on this site and do an unboxing. Stay tuned.


Micro Arts Studio: Infinity Holo Ads

I got the chance to play enabler to a good friend of mine. I talked up the game Infinity and we’re on our way to playing our first game in the near future. So, for my birthday, he bought me some terrain pieces to get started. Enter the Micro Arts Studio Holo Ads.

These are laser-cut, MDF pieces that pretty much snap together with full-color, plexiglass ad boards. The pieces are plucked from a sheet of mdf and assembled with a series of clamps and dowels made from the same mdf sheet. I have yet to actually use the terrain, but it seems pretty sturdy. I’ll snag a couple of the apartment building kits and see if they are as sturdy. And the smell… ahhh… I love the smell of laser-cut mdf. I’m sure it’s just another hobby junkie quirk of mine…


I have to say, this is one of the things that actually got me to take a look at Infinity in the first place. The anime-inspired artwork that is evident throughout the Infinity game is a major sticking point for me. I love my anime!

My friend has gone well above and beyond me. The last time I was at his house, he had assembled almost an entire city. He saw the benefit of the Infinity terrain and buildings beyond just the Infinity game. The pieces work well for other sci-fi games like Anima Tactics. And I just may follow suit. I am having regular game gatherings at my house and Infinity may be a new offering to the growing inventory of armies on display.

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