I have recently made a conscious decision to put other projects aside for the time being and focus on getting my Chaos Dwarfs army completed. I have not yet set a points total. I am just kinda building what I like.I have the majority of the Forgeworld models and I have a campaign coming up at the local GW store.


In my possession, I have 40 Infernal Guard (30 Fireglaive + 10 HW/Shield), 9 Fireborn, 3 Bull Centaurs and all the warmachines (minus the skullcracker and mortar) and all the characters. I am planning to add a couple more trays of IG with hand weapons and shield and a Skullcracker to the mix in the near future.

Building Bases

Since you don’t see Chaos Dwarfs that often, I was hoping to spruce ’em up a bit with some scenic bases. Unfortunately the bases I have access to just aren’t going to work… Bummer… So I decided to go with simple ashen ground bases for the troops and build up some more scenic options for the larger models. The IG are so large on their bases that you really can’t see much base anyways, so it’s not a big deal. I am building the Fireborn to look like they are coming out of lava.

Using cork and some fine sand, I am creating rocky features and trying to create some kind of lava flow from which the Fireborn models will emerge. Looks way cooler in my head, but whatevs… *shrug


I finished up the pre-assembly for the IG with hand weapons and shield. I will prime the models this way and blue-tac the hands. This will allow me to airbrush the model using a zenithal highlighting technique, and give me the ability to pull off the hands and weapons to do the detail work.



I have another order if IG coming soon. I will finish up the Fireborn models and prepare to get everything to priming stage. The weather here in the DC area sucks, so I need to wait for the weather window to open up again. We’re supposed to get several inches of snow tonight, so I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow and more Dwarfs assembly…

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