STUDIO UPDATE: March 4, 2013

Monday! Dealing with a bit of a sinus infection, so I am not quite up to snub. But I am still hobbying! Can’t concentrate without getting a headache, so I am spending some time with mundane tasks…

An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground

If that’s the case, he’s definitely been hanging around my monkeybars… My latest obsession is rebuilding my Grey Knights army. I started a Grey Knights army when the new book came out, but sold them off. Now, I kinda regret that decision. Mainly because I let 3 Stormravens with Forgeworld hatch kits go… Stupid of me, yes. Now the Stormravens are $30 more expensive than they were when I got ’em and I don’t think I can get them at that price again… But I will continue to watch ebay. Maybe Discount Games will read this and feel pity… Yeah. Right…

So, I got really compulsive and picked up Inquisitor Karamazov. I previously had the metal behemoth, but I’m happy for the resin Finecast – thank you! And I hit the terminator jackpot and claimed a bunch of termies. Not to be outdone, I returned some Tau items I am not going to ever put together and picked up a few boxes of regular Grey Knights. I am currently assembling them as my Purgation squads that will accompany Karamazov and a couple of Techmarines 🙂

I’ll pick up Draigo to add to the Paladins in a couple of weeks. My goal is to have my entire Grey knights army built and painted before the end of spring. I’ll say — May 31st. Make it the end of June. I need to pick up some Forgeworld items… So, June 30th, I need to have my Grey Knights done. There. It’s on the internet. So I can’t break it…

I’m off to a decent start. I got the terminators clipped. I am cleaning off mold lines and giving them a soap and water bath. I hate this part… I really like the hammer, so I got ahead of myself and got a hammer-wielding Paladin assembled. I am looking for a cool dynamic pose.

I wanted to paint something other than silver metallic. I mean, I have silver Iron Warriors, silver Necrons, silver Chaos Dwarfs… I tried a more ceramic look.


But I am not happy with the result. It looks like – well… grey plastic… So I decided to grin and bear it and went with a different color of silver metallic than the other armies I have. But I promise my next army is going to have some color to it…


This is just a basecoat. I still have a LONG way to go before this is done, but I like the silver much better than the grey plastic. So I re-primed that other model and rebased it with a mixture of Vallejo Model Air Steel, some matte medium and thinner. I am gonna put this project on hold and knock out some Necron items to prepare for my gaming this weekend, but I am definitely looking forward to getting back to Legion 666.

Battlefoam 1520XL: Black

I picked up one of the limited run black Battlefoam 1520XL bags. Not sure how limited the supply was/is, but mine is here! I have a Sabol Armored Company bag that I LOVE. It’s perfect for most of my 1,500 point builds, but it’s too small for anything larger than 1,500 points. I already own Battlefoam trays for my armies, so I just decided to go with the 1520XL. I am planning to travel a little this year to play some games and I am hoping this bag is as good as advertised. I have known about Battlefoam bags for some time, but I am NOT a fan of their standard green color. Glad they released a black bag.




Iron Within…

My overwhelming disappointment with the new Chaos Space Marines codex has made me slow down on my Iron Warriors army a bit. I have been looking at spending more money on Necrons, and lately Grey Knights, rather than the warriors of Perturabo. However, I am still spending some time with the guys.

I recently received the urban rubble bases from Dragonforge. At first glance, the bases are freakin’ amazing. This guy never ceases to amaze me. Great sculpts and pouring. However, upon assembly, I don’t think they’ll work. I have the Mk III Iron Armor from Forgeworld. The leg positions are so wide that there is no base to mount them to. The rubble bits in the sculpt do not generally extend from side to side, so I can get one foot on the base and the other is floating in mid air. Not gonna work. I am kinda bummed. The 40mm bases look amazing with the Cataphractii Terminators, but the same style is not working for the basic troops. There are a couple of alternative styles in the urban rubble series, so I may try one of those. If that doesn’t work, I will be really disappointed. I don’t want to have to build bases for all these guys…






Hashut Rises Again

The Chaos Dwarfs are gonna get some much needed love over the next few weeks also. The local GW store has a sign-up sheet for a fantasy campaign and some friends want me to join. I just ordered some Bull Centaurs last week from Forgeworld — that have just arrived — and I have just about everything else. The only thing I am missing is — bases!

I was considering heading over to my new favorite base place — Dragonforge Games to pick up bases. I have gone through several base choices. I had some bases from both Micro Arts Studio and Scibor Miniatures, but the bases are smaller than the 20mm GW bases. With the Chaos Dwarfs being as stocky as they are, they’re already incredibly difficult to rank up. So the smaller bases don’t help at all. I contacted Dragonforge and they said their bases were the same size as GW’s bases, but their selection is kinda small in this department. I was looking for something lava-ish… I may be building bases… I would also like to pick up a couple more blocks of Infernal Guard with hand weapons. I think I may put Grey Knights on hold and finish up the evil stunties.

I still have a Magma Cannon, several Fireborn and Death Shrieker Rocket to assemble. I think I need to place an order to Battlefoam and get some square-cut trays to haul these pieces. This may have just become priority… Stay tuned!

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