STUDIO UPDATE: February 11, 2013

Hey all! Happy Monday. It’s been a while since I updated the blog, but I am here with a new work in progress. After many hours of experimentation and honing the craft, I decided to scrap it all, and start all over again… The Necrons are back on the work table with a whole new paint scheme and basing. After many hours of debate, I decided that the mint green color (which actually turned out to be a very nice, vibrant blue) was not working. With the Necron warriors having the green rods for their gauss flayers (and yes, I LOVE those rods), I had to rethink the color choices. So after much debate and contemplation, I reprimed everything black and started all over again…

The easiest model, I figured, were the Wraiths. One of the hottest models in all of 40K to me. They’re big, they’re menacing and they kick major ass. Recently my squad of 4 with whip coils took down an entire genestealer brood with the genestealers having the charge. Great unit! I primed black and went to town.


After basecoating and minor detailing on the carapace, I moved on to the Spyders.


The colors were a bit off, but they were close enough. Word to the wise – write it down. Use measurements and write it down!

After I finished up the basecoating and minor detailing on those carapaces, I moved on to my Triarch Stalker. This was a bit more work, but I think I got it pretty close to where I wanted it.

Next up was the A-Barges… But i decided to hold off on those… I wanted to try something else. So I finished the assembly of 20 Immortals and began working on the bases for my A-Barges. Following a tutorial I got from the Micro Art Studio forum, I managed to hammer out a couple of 60mm bases for my big guns.



I think they turned out pretty well, I have a third to knock out, which I may do this evening.


I still need to figure out how to apply the paint scheme to my flyers, but I tested out the A-Barge on my base and was pretty happy with the results thus far.


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